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When it comes to Android, there is literally an app for everything. You can find an app to tune your guitar, an app to keep you informed on the news, check your mail, get around town and just about anything else you can think of. However, in spite of the abundance of Android apps that are currently available, that is not to say that new apps are not arriving and one of the latest to arrive has landed today, Detour for Android.

While Detour has just arrived on Android, this is an app which has been available since early last year on iOS. That said, it has now arrived and just in time for the summer. This is a city guide app which uses a device's GPS signal to offer the walking explorers an immersive audio guide to follow along with while on holiday or for those who would like to get to know their home town and city better. The app works in much the same way as traditional audio tours do, albeit in a more modern manner and one which does not require you to buy tickets or stick to group-organized tours.


While Detour is now available to download on Android, the corresponding guides are a little limited at the moment. The first set of guides to become available as part of the Android launch are for San Francisco. The app itself is free to download, although the San Francisco guide set will cost you $24.99 and for that money, you can expect eleven walking guides in return. Not to mention, the app offers the ability for three different Android devices to sync to the same guide, so up to three people can enjoy the experience together. As to be expected and in line with the iOS version, the Android app will greatly widen its number of guides in the near future. While details on when other areas in the U.S. (or internationally) have yet to be provided, the folks behind the app have confirmed that the next two locations to see their respective guides becoming available will be New York and Chicago. Those interested in finding out more about Detour or downloading the app can do so by heading through the link below.

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