Daydream Labs Feels VR Can Be A Great Shared Experience

Virtual reality may end up feeling like a more personal exploit to some, simply because you're a single person strapped to a headset and you're immersed in a world that is taking you into places and helping you experience new things. On the face of it, VR doesn't appear to be designed for a group experience, but Daydream Labs feels differently about this, having started recently exploring the benefits of VR and the social element. Not necessarily social as in social media, but social as in being able to dive into virtual reality with other users, which Daydream states is actually quite enjoyable when shared.

considering this, it makes a lot of sense, as there are plenty of other activities which are much more fun when shared with a group of friends or other people than when you experience them by just yourself. During their recent developments, Daydream shares what they've learned about a more social VR, highlighting that even simplistic elements can be a powerful tool. In their example, they depict how emotion can be scaled down to just a set of googly eyes on a floating head and still have the power to get a number of emotions across to the other user who may be immersed in the world with them or even viewing what's happening on a screen.

The team also showcases details about connecting the virtual world with the real one, pointing out that it's still possible to interact with those who may be immersed in what feels like their own little digital world by way of communication, and using that communication to serve as a means to let the person in VR know that they're connected to both virtual and real spaces. This sort of a social element would allow a user in VR to experience and enjoy whatever content was in front of them but still enjoy a conversation with someone they know, online or offline. What's more, Daydream explores the use of physical attributes like height in the virtual space as a way to sort of convince people to have a more "friendly, pro-social" interaction, as height differences are something that are immediately noticed in the real world, and they can be used to make things feel more engaging in the virtual one too.

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