Data: Android Pay Most Popular U.S. Mobile Payment Option

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Mobile payments have been one of the most talked about aspects of the last year and as a result they are expected to be a service widely used by consumers going forward. Although, the uptake of mobile payments does seem to be one which is slow-growing at best. The latest evidence of which is now appearing from a new report out of Walker Sands Communications and based on data collected from 1400 respondents in the U.S.

According to the details, only 1-percent of those surveyed noted that mobile payments was their current preferred choice when it comes to paying for goods. Of the transactions noted, the most popular option for paying-by-mobile was for household bills, where 6-percent said they preferred to use their mobile to pay for these costs. When it comes to paying for drinks at a bar or buying groceries only 1-percent noted their mobile was the preferred method of payment in these instances. In terms of why mobile payments still seems to be the unpopular payment option, Sixty one-percent were noted stating that ‘security’ concerns were the main reason for choosing a different payment option over mobile payments. Likewise, 58-percent noted ‘privacy’ as their primary cause for concern when using mobile payments. That all said, 36-percent of respondents were noted using a mobile payment solution at least once in the last year. Which in spite of becoming more readily available is only slightly higher than the 34-percent level which had been noted in a similar study by the same firm for the year before.


Interestingly, the results of those who did use mobile payments note that Android Pay was the most widely used payment method in the U.S. Again, according to the details, Android Pay was noted as the most popular option with as much as 19-percent noting they had used the service. In contrast, Apple Pay was noted being used by only 11-percent, while retailer mobile apps were noted being used slightly more and by 12-percent of respondents. Those interested, in downloading and reading the report in full can do so by heading through the source link below.