Danny Glover Talks "Time" In New Samsung Galaxy S7 Ad


Samsung is well known for having the power to promote its products in interesting ways, and the same philosophy has been used for keeping the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship series in the spotlight for as long as possible after its market debut. Throughout these past several months, Samsung Electronics published a variety of TV ads highlighting some of the most interesting features flaunted by the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the latest such commercial called "Time", invites actor Danny Glover to show us the importance of wireless charging in a humorous manner.

As readers may recall, back in February 2016 Samsung published a series of promotional videos for the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, called "Why?", "Water", and "The Dark", with each video focusing on highlighting features such as water resistance and the smartphone's new camera, able to capture high-quality pictures and videos in low light environments. More to the topic at hand, Samsung has now published yet another promotional video for the Galaxy S7 lineup, called "Time". As expected from a Samsung commercial, the ad puts great emphasis on a particular hardware characteristic in a rather exaggerated and humorous tone. This time around the main focus is the Samsung Galaxy 7's built-in wireless charging capabilities, which can save users from the hassle of plugging and unplugging microUSB charging connectors and, in turn, save them time. To highlight how important wireless charging is for saving up time, the commercial shows Danny Glover of Lethal Weapon running away from a salsa can rigged to explode in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, Danny Glover's colleague was still waiting for his phone's battery to recharge through conventional means, and could not leave the Taco stand in time – pun intended. But words alone don't do the commercial justice so you should probably check it out below; and without spoilers.


As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the company's second flagship in the series to support built-in wireless charging, following the Samsung Galaxy S6 released last year. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 could have been rigged to support wireless charging too, this feature was not available out of the box before the Samsung Galaxy S6 came to be.


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