Dango Is a Neural Network-Powered Emoji Assistant

Dango is the name of the recently released Android app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which was trained to use neural networks in order to identify the best emoji, stickers, and GIF images for all of your instant messaging needs. Developed by an independent Canadian studio Whirlscape, Dango uses various neural networks in order to find multimedia content which best fits with what you're currently typing about. This creation has an extremely similar philosophy to that of Minuum, one of the best Android keyboards ever developed that's loved by many Android and Android Wear users due to its minimalist design and intelligent word prediction capabilities.

While it's not a keyboard per se, Dango is an app that will improve whatever keyboard you happen to be using on your device. It flawlessly integrates with your keyboard of choice and takes only an extra line of space above it where it suggests emoji, GIF images, and stickers related to the contents of your current message. Its algorithm is also much more complex than it may seem at first; as its developers reveal, Dango isn't just looking for keywords but is also tapping into neural networks in order to figure out the context of your messages and given how it's powered by a neural network, that also means it gets better at figuring out your needs the more you and other people use it. A simple example of that learning process is the fact that Dango currently suggests food and beverage-related emoji when you start typing "want to grab a..." This type of behavior is something that an ordinary keyword-locating algorithm simply wouldn't be able to do. Of course, an app such as this one definitely raises some privacy concerns, but Whirlscape assures us that none of the information Dango reads for the purposes of predicting useful emoji and other multimedia content is ever shared with any third parties.

The GIFs that Dango is offering to its users are pulled from the GIPHY database, while the sticker packs are manually added by the app's developers.  In case you are running Android 4.3 or newer and want to try out Dango for yourself, you can do that by following the Play Store link below. The app is currently completely free for download and use, though its Toronto-based developers revealed that some of its future features may be only available as in-app purchases.

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