Dallas, Texas Could End Up Being A Future Fiber City


Google's Fiber internet service is one which is highly sought after, and understandably so given its extremely fast Gigabit internet speeds at a reasonable monthly cost. Despite its high demand, though, Fiber is only up and running in a handful of cities across the U.S., although Google has expressed plenty of interest in a wide range of locations around the country. While Fiber is already live and serving customers in Texas, it's only available in Austin currently, and is set to enter San Antonio next. Google could be bringing Fiber to Dallas in the future, however, as they  have just announced on the Google Fiber Blog that they are exploring the option of Dallas as a future Fiber city.

For people of the Dallas, TX area, that's the good news, as who wouldn't be excited about the prospect of super fast Gigabit internet services? With Google expressing their interest in bringing Fiber to the area, though, not all is said and done, as Google will still need to gain approval from the city to launch Fiber, and then they'll have to begin the process for laying the groundwork, which wouldn't happen until they have already started the process for San Antonio. This means that it could still be quite a while before Fiber reaches the Dallas region, if at all.


Having said that, it stands to reason that Dallas residents will have a good chance at experiencing Fiber at some point, as Google notes that Dallas is "already one of the best cities to work in Tech," which could suggest that Google is pretty confident about Fiber's potential entry into the city. Aside from Dallas, Google has also expressed interest in other locations, and they have recently launched Fiber in Nashville, TN back at the end of April. Google also recently launched a Fiber application in the Play Store for current Fiber customers, making it easier than ever to manage their accounts, manage their Fiber network, and get quick and easy access to the help center if they're ever having any issues. If Fiber does come to Dallas at some point in the future, the official Fiber app will likely be of some use.

Google Fiber Map-Dallas

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