Carl Pei Defends The OnePlus 3 On 'Cut Corners' Criticism


For one reason or another, OnePlus has always been a company that has polarized opinions. While their latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3, is on paper one of the best smartphones around, the device (and by association, the company) has seen a number of divided opinions on certain aspects of the device. While it does seem that the general majority of consumers view the OnePlus 3 as a high-spec device, after the recent RAM management concerns and subsequent confirmed fix, some areas of social media have been debating the company's choice of specs. The most recent of which seems to be on whether OnePlus 'cut corners' with aspects like the display.

The display on the OnePlus 3 is a 1080p Optic AMOLED display and the suggestion has been made that OnePlus chose to stick with a 1080p display as a means to cut corners due to the smartphone being priced at $400. A criticism which was recently leveled at the company through a comment on a reddit thread which drew the attention and response from Carl Pei of OnePlus. In responding to the criticism that "this is a 400$ smartphone, not a 800$+ one" Pei notes that there are no corners cut on the actual product and the decision to use a 1080p display was a conscious decision and not determined by cost with Pei adding "Do you think the price delta between a 2K AMOLED and a 1080p AMOLED is huge?" While further adding that the "OnePlus 3 has the best 1080p AMOLED panel on the market."


In fact, Pei goes on to address the wider issue with spec criticisms of the OnePlus 3 by stating that people should not judge a product on a spec by spec basis and that there is a misconception with OnePlus due to their aggressive pricing structure. With Pei looking to explain that price does not automatically equate to quality. While further adding that although OnePlus does not cut corners on the product, they look to cut corners on their business model, including aspects like selling directly to the consumers, their organizational structure and marketing approach. Pei also adds that for those who are more focused on having the highest possible specs "OnePlus is the wrong brand for you." Those interested in reading the debate in full including the comments from Pei, can do so by heading through the source link below.

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