Candidate Crunch is a Fun App for the 2016 Election


Over the years there have been Presidential Elections that feel more important than others, and the 2016 Election is one that certainly has that feel about it. As the right wing views of Donald Trump continue to be heard the loudest and the Democrats struggle to resonate with the voters, it's hard to see just who will come out on top this year. Still, just because the Election is going to be all over the TV and the Internet for the rest of the year doesn't mean you can't have a little fun at the same time. Candidate Crunch is a game from the Game Alliance and is designed as not only a fun and ludicrous game to crush the Candidates with silly objects, but also a helpful tool. With features powered by Rock the Vote, Candidate Crunch will help to let voters stay up-to-date as well as make sure they're properly registered and know how and where they can vote this Fall.

The game itself sees players choosing their preferred Candidate from the long list – including those that might have already bowed out – and then they have to stop objects hitting their Candidate. To do this, players just need to tap anywhere onscreen to ensure that the objects don't make it to the Candidate, but in a fun little twist the closer the object gets, the more points you're awarded and of course, tapping the Bald Eagle is an instant fail. For players that do well, there are fun rewards such as different costumes and identities for their Candidates, and there's the achievement of chasing ever-higher scores, too. As for the app side of things, Candidate Crunch has teamed up with Rock the Vote for the Election Central part of the app. This gives users links to how they can register – including online registration – as well as links to information on how to vote and what they'll need to bring on the day.

This is a nice little app and game combo that, while not the most entertaining game of the year, will give players of all ages something to do and offers those a little unsure of how to vote and what they need to do a place to get all the right information. Completely free to download and play, users can check out Candidate Crunch by clicking the big button down below.


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