You Can Buy the OnePlus 3 on June 6th, Before It's Announced


When news that the OnePlus 3 would go on sale without the need for an invite earlier this week, it was a high point in the company's short life, but as is so often the case with OnePlus, it seems as though they just couldn't help themselves. OnePlus is a company that feels compelled to do things differently, and that's arguably what's propelled them to the position that they're in today. With the upcoming OnePlus 3 however, they're doing something that will no doubt leave people scratching their heads. Come June 6th, 1,000 quick-fingered buyers will be open to purchase the OnePlus 3, despite the fact that there's no official word on just what it looks like or what's on the inside.

These first 1,000 buyers will be asked to pay 2,999 Yuan for the OnePlus 3 which works out at around $455, which seems a little pricey for a OnePlus device, but it could be that this is the rumored 6GB variant which is bound to command something of a premium. The plot thickens further still however, as there's a note in English that sticks out like a sore thumb among all the Chinese on the page, which says "please note this is not the actual price". Once again, OnePlus is playing an interesting game here with their fans, and the OnePlus 3 will be 2,999 Yuan to the first 1,000 buyers, but said buyers will also be refunded any difference once the device has officially been launched.


This is the sort of thing that will no doubt divide fans of the brand all over again, but at the end of the day this is the sort of promotion users will have come to expect from OnePlus. Selling these blind units at a single price is more than likely a way of making sure that a lower price point announced during the June 14th VR event will have the desired shock factor. It looks as if this blind pre-sale is limited to those in China, but those looking to give it a go outside of China can do so at the source link below. While it does seem a little strange to sell a device that the company hasn't announced yet, the TENAA certification and numerous of other leaks have probably given potential customers enough information.

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