BitTorrent Now Brings Underground Music & Video To Android


When it comes to streaming services in app form on Android, there are already a number of available apps to choose from. Apps which typically either focus more heavily on the video side of things like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video and apps which focus more on the audio side of things like Spotify, Google Play Music and Tidal. Well, another streaming service has now launched in app form on Android today and this one looks to offer something different by focusing on both video and music content.

However, that is not the only differential between this app and some of the more well-established services, as this one does not look to provide you with the most commercial or well-known video and audio content, but instead looks to provide the user with access to content they might not find elsewhere. In short, a platform where users can gain access to content from a selection of underground and independent artists. To add one more flavor to this app, this one comes from BitTorrent.


The app is 'BitTorrent Now' and is already available as a free download via the Google Play Store. According to the details, the app will take on a multi-tiered approach to charging customers with some content available for free and other content being charged on a per-basis and/or being subsidized by ads. Interestingly, this is not the only new Android app that is said to be in the works from BitTorrent, as it was recently confirmed by the company that they are also working on a BitTorrent Live app. One which mainly differs from the Now app by offering access to live streaming content. In terms of BitTorrent Now however, while the app is now available for Android, it currently does not seem to be compatible with Android TV, although it does seem to be on its way to Apple TV in due course. So whether it will receive an update to run on Android TV in the future is currently unknown. Either way, those who would like to give the app a try on their mobile Android devices can find out more by heading through the link below.

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