Under Armour's UA Band & Healthbox Now Available in Europe


Under Armour's partnership with HTC produced the HealthBox system, complete with a scale, a heart rate measuring chest strap and a wrist-worn fitness tracker called the UA Band, all of which can link up to a companion app to record and analyze your data to set and track goals or just to check overall fitness. The set and the band were both met with a somewhat lukewarm overall reception, but sold more than adequately, with many noting that the system had a lot of potential, so long as Under Armour kept the software updated. Sales numbers and critical acclaim have apparently been good enough to warrant sales in more territories, because as of today, June 30, the setup will go on sale in Europe and the UK, and territories where it's already being sold will see a price change.

The entire connected health system works in close concert to produce a wealth of health data that allows users to track their progress and figure out realistic goals to set. Data like average workout intensity can be leveraged against things like weight and normal heart rate over time to track somebody getting into shape, or to figure out what "normal" is for them so that they can set realistic goals about their fitness. Each component is, of course, able to work on its own to some capacity. The scale can measure and keep weight over time, the fitness tracker can keep track of workouts, and the heart rate monitor can keep data on your resting, active and sleeping heart rate. All of this data can be synced with a companion app, UA Record, though the setup can be integrated with other fitness apps from Under Armour.


The entire set is now available for $350 for US customers, or £349 in the new territories. Likewise, customers in Europe can expect to pay £149 for just the UA Band, while those in places where it's currently sold will see the price at about $160. The price drops are apparently only for a limited time for US and Canada customers, which means prices in Europe and the UK will likely rise at the end of the sale. The HealthBox is available through HTC for $400, and the UA Band can be had via HTC's website for $180.

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