Android Pay Adds for Support for 115 New US Banks

Android Pay AH 1

Android Pay was launched in the United States some time ago now, and while it has recently crossed the pond and landed in the UK, it’s still slowly but surely expanding around the world. Android Pay launched in September of last year, and back then it was supported by a decent amount of banks for a first launch of a new platform like this. Of course, since then it’s expanded to more chains, stores and banks. This week it’s getting the biggest shot in the arm since it first launched, with 115 more banks and credit unions joining the service.

While some of the larger banks, such as CITI bank as well as AMEX are supported by Android Pay completely, the Android Pay Help site has been updated with a new section, dubbed “other participating banks”. This new section now lists a whopping 115 new banks and credit unions that will allow users to pay for things using Android Pay. If you want to skip ahead to see just which new banks are supported, the source link has all the answers, in a neat alphabetical list. While most of these should allow their customers to use Android Pay right away, some of them aren’t going live until later in July. One example is Simmons Bank, which is listed with the caveat of “on or after July 13th” so customers with Simmons should be aware of this. The majority if these are smaller, more regional banks that some of you might not have ever heard of, along with smaller credit unions.


Regardless of the size of these banks, it’s pretty impressive to see quite so many of them join at the same sort of time. Of course, staggering the batches of banks and unions that Android Pay supports is probably smart marketing on Google’s side, but this is no less impressive. If your bank isn’t listed here, and you’re itching to join “the Future” of payments, then you can write to your bank as well as ask Google if or when your bank is going to get supported. Those across the pond in the UK can still click the source link, and choose “United Kingdom” from the dropdown to see the – small – list of banks supported in the UK.