Android N Developer Preview 4 Released

Android N Developer Preview 3 AH 4 of 4

Those who prefer to live life on the bleeding edge of Android, are most likely Nexus smartphone owners. One of the benefits of owning a Nexus device is that you are likely to receive Android updates much quicker than through third-party manufactured smartphones. Likewise, those who really like to live on the bleeding edge of Android, are just as likely to be running the developer preview of the latest version of Android, Android N.

While not for general consumption yet, the developer preview allows compatible-device owners the opportunity to test out the very latest version of Android, bugs and all. This year, this is the developer preview for Android N which was first announced back in March of this year. Since its initial release and first developer preview, the Android team has been committed to pushing out a new version of the developer preview each month and until the final release comes through in Q3. Before this morning, this meant the latest version was the third developer preview, which arrived mid-way through May.


However, that has now changed as this morning Google has released the fourth developer preview of Android N with build number NPD56N. In line with the previous versions that have already come through, if you are intending on updating to the latest version, then you will be able to by either flashing the update yourself or waiting for the update to arrive via OTA, providing you already have the third version already running on your device. As to be expected, this version will be more refined than the previous ones and there will likely include a number of bug fixes and improvements, as well as the possibility of a number of new features too. At the the moment it is too early to see what is included, although as the day progresses it will become clearer as to what the latest Android N develop preview offers. What is clear now though, is that as this is number four of five, this is likely to be a very close to finished product and certainly the most reliable and stable version of Android N to date.