Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 Coming Next Month

Android Mini Collectibles Series 06

It’s been quite a while since a new Android mini collectibles series hit the market. Last time that happened was in early spring of last year, so we’re happy to report that the Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 is finally coming soon. More specifically, you’ll be able to purchase it this summer as Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell revealed in their newsletter yesterday.

The Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 will feature 16 designs designed by seven artists: Igor Ventura, Otto Bjornik, Dwaine Morris, Andrea Kang, Jessica Wang, Colus, and Nathan Jurevicius. All 16 collectibles will gradually be unveiled by the end of next month when they’ll debut at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego, California. The convention is taking place at the San Diego Convention Center from July 21st to 24th, which is exactly where you’ll first have the chance to purchase these cute figurines. Naturally, the Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 will also eventually make its way to numerous toy shops throughout the States, presumably by the end of the Summer. There’s still no word of an official price tag of the upcoming Android collectibles, but one can still make an educated guess. Judging from last year, the blind box singles will set you back around $9 while a case of 16 blind boxes is going to be priced north of $120.

For the uninitiated, the Android mini collectibles is a Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell-backed project whose goal is to create an ever-expanding line of officially licensed collectibles featuring Google’s famous mascot. The project has been around since 2011 and the American toy manufacturer has already produced some truly unique and memorable figurines. Some of the most popular figurines include Panda, Astronomiton, Isaac Newton, SK8 Cop, Cavemen, Fisherman, Skeledroid, Marie Curie, To-Fu Oyako, and Wee Ninja.


In any case, this is certainly great news for all Android-loving figurine collectors. Even though Dead Zebra probably doesn’t intend to sell its latest batch of Android mini collectibles outside of blind boxes, the figurines it has manufactured so far suggest that you won’t be displeased with anything you get as all of the currently released mini collectibles have been cute and original.