YU Will Announce A New Flagship Smartphone By The End Of May

YU flagship teaser May 2016 2

YU is an India-based company which is actually owned by Micromax. YU functions as a separate unit though, and Micromax is not directly involved in its dealings, at least according to the company. YU has introduced a number of devices thus far, most of which ship with Cyanogen OS on top of Android. YU manufactures affordable devices, and their Yureka and Yunique devices were extremely popular in India. The company has introduced their first flagship smartphone last year, and it’s called Yutopia. That phone is fueled by the Snapdragon 810 and made out of metal, while the rest of its specs are also high-end, or at least they were at the time. Yutopia was available for a while, and then went out of stock in India, and now we know why, at least we think we do, read on.

The company has released a new teaser on their official YouTube channel. The teaser itself is quite interesting, as it’s usually the case with company’s video material. The star of this video is, once again the company’s CEO, Rahul Sharma. This time around he handles a sledgehammer and crushes a model of a ship, which essentially represents the company’s upcoming flagship. At the end of the video the company uses a ‘Redefining Flagship’ caption, and says that the device will launch this month. So, it seems like we’ll get YU Yutopia’s successor before the end of this month, which could also be the reason why Yutopia has been out of stock for quite some time now.


The company’s CEO also had something to say on social media in regards to the upcoming phone, here’s what Rahul Sharma said: “Post the YUTOPIA launch, we have been working at a different clock speed and momentum to break all that’s conventional and boring. Excited to tell you all that our next device is round the corner and its nothing short of Incredible. It’s insanely beautiful and it will break some hearts. It will break records, it will break the conventional, it will break the rules…WAIT, it will break the flagships”. Now, it remains to be seen if the company intends to include top of the line specs in this device, or are they aiming to release a device which will perform as a flagship, considering the fact that ‘Redefining Flagship’ points in that direction. Either way, we’ll let you know as soon as YU releases more info.