YouTube Red Adds Original Comedy Series From College Humor

These days, quite a few applications seem to be offering a lot of the same features, so what's a company to do when other apps are starting to offer some of the same things they are? The answer is simple - original content, and, if there's already original content available, then add more original content. That's what YouTube Red has just done as they have recently added two new original comedy series shows to the service, including one from College Humor called "Bad Internet," of which the first episode of the first season is already live and available for viewing if you have YouTube Red.

Aside from the new comedy series from College Humor, there is also another comedy series from Fine Brothers Entertainment called "Sing It!," which also has the first episode available to be streamed for YouTube Red subscribers. Both of these new shows also follow an initial batch of original content which showed up on YouTube Red back in the beginning of February. Sing It! may surprise you as it sounds like a show that may be full of singing, and if that's what you anticipated you were mostly correct, but remember this is a comedy series so don't expect the singing to be exceptional. The series is actually about a long-running TV show called Sing It!, a live broadcast competition where a panel of judges help make the dreams come true for some aspiring artists. The first episode gets right into things and doesn't waste time in reaching a point of ridiculousness that is hard not to laugh at.

As for Bad Internet, there doesn't seem to be an ongoing theme that will span across the entire series and instead looks to take a new approach each episode. The first episode is called, "Which of The "Friends" Are You?," and is essentially built around the surveys you can find on BuzzFeed. This one in particular, asks which character you most match up with on Friends. Characters go through a series of survey questions to find out which Friends character they identify with, after which they're sorted into a group with other people that identify with the same character. When they've been "sorted" they take on the look of that particular character right down to the costumes of the characters from the actual show. This particular episode might cater more to fans of the long-running 'Friends' series but may also strike a chord with those who absolutely despise Friends and find satisfaction in laughing at the Friends stereotypes. In either case, both new series shows are pretty hilarious and worth a watch if you enjoy comedy and have a YouTube Red subscription. If you still don't have a subscription to YouTube Red, Google is currently running an offer for Chromecast owners that allows them to pick it up for $0.99 for the first three months instead of the original $9.99 a month cost. That's essentially a $29 savings.

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