Xiaomi Is Crowdfunding A Premium Bluetooth Suitcase


$307 (1999 Yuan) is a pretty decent price for a high-end magnesium alloy suitcase with all of the bells and whistles one might expect. A decent suitcase, at that price, should sport impeccable build quality, a number of adjustable parts and build materials that are nothing short of top of the line. Naturally, the one pictured above has all of those aspects. For that price, however, Chinese OEM Xiaomi is looking to up the ante by adding a few smart functions to your luggage. Bluetooth functionality is on board to link the premium piece of travel equipment to another travel essential, your smartphone, to power the suitcase's smart functions through a companion app.

Xiaomi's premium magnesium suitcase includes, as pictured below, a striking design, a very strong combination lock, stout wheels, an adjustable handle and pads for laying the suitcase down without scratching it. The whole package weighs a slightly hefty 4.4 kilograms, par for the course when it comes to such high-end luggage. The standard set of features alone make the suitcase more than worth the price, but Xiaomi has added in some smart features. By connecting the suitcase to your smartphone via Bluetooth and using the companion app (set to be available for both Android and iOS), users will be able to remotely unlock the two strong combination locks if needed, as well as get an alert if the case is unlocked or opened while the owner is not present.


With the price currently set at 1999 Yuan for retail purposes, the smart suitcase is on Xiaomi's website for crowdfunding right now, an approach they often employ for some of their more off-the-wall product ideas. As of writing, the case is still under 30 percent of its total funding goal, with a grand total of 100,000 Yuan needed to fund the convenient and unique device into creation. Should the ambitious suitcase reach its goal for funding, units are expected to begin shipping around the 15th of July, which would also mean that this date is likely the cutoff at which pledges will be refunded and the product will be scrapped if the goal has not been reached.

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