Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Toast Skin Installation & Review

Galaxy S7 Edge Toast Skin AH NS

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is easily one of the most beautiful and breathtaking phones on the market.  With both edges of the screen curved and an incredible AMOLED panel, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a stunner no matter which angle you look at it.  But let’s face it, being made of metal and glass leaves little room for any kind of friction, and glass isn’t exactly known to be the best taker of abuse either.  This means that without a case or other covering the Galaxy S7 Edge is all too prone to dropping and breaking, and while it’s a crying shame to cover up such beauty, Toast skins are here to bring a different kind of beauty to the phone without compromising grip.

We’ve covered Toast skins plenty of times before, but this time it’s on a phone that absolutely needs the extra grip and protection.  Last time we opted for a more simple Toast skin on the Nexus 6P, but this time around we chose an inlay series skin for the Galaxy S7 Edge.  This particular skin adds in an extra layer of customization, so while you can choose the same color wood for this one as you can on the other types, the inlay series also comes with a number of different colored wood inlay pieces that you can customize to your liking.  Check out the full installation of the skin below, and be sure to stick around for the review, or just jump straight to it at the 11:56 mark.