Top 10: Games For Android - May 2016

Even if you're primarily a console or PC gamer, there's something to be said about the current state of mobile games. They have become increasingly better over the last few years and right now, they're are at an all-time high in terms of quality and user experience, and they just continue to get better. Like apps, games on Android are constantly being launched and as such, there are always lots to sift through. If you enjoy the occasional Android game or if you consistently look for new titles to play, we've put together a list of 10 Android games to check out this month.

The Aetherlight

Kicking off this list is a game for the adventure fans out there. The Aetherlight is set in a Steampunk universe filled with puzzles for you to solve and enemies for you to battle with all kinds of gadgets and weaponry. The game features awesome 3D graphics and you can even battle your friends in real-time multiplayer matchups.

Battleborn Tap

If you're a fan of the new team-based multiplayer shooter from 2K Games called Battleborn, then you may find this particular title to be of some interest. It won't offer the same kind of action as the original game, naturally, but it features comedic dialogue, different heroes from the game that you can upgrade and loot you can collect that can assist you in further disposing of enemies.

Pokemon TCG Online

Fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game will definitely want to hit up this newly released offering. Naturally, this is a card battler and the main gameplay will be set on a game board with you in front of your opponent. You can choose from multiple deck types including water and fire, and although you'll start out with some cards available, the more you play the more you can unlock additional packs of cards to expand your collection and improve your deck, or create new ones.

Elsworth: Evolution

If role-playing games are more your speed, give Elsworth: Evolution a look as it offers up plenty of adventure with a rich story and great 3D graphics with an anime style. There's plenty of PvE content to enjoy but you can also play against other users too and climb up the global rankings and since it's an RPG there will be multiple character types and character progression with varied attacks for each character.


While Clash Royale may have most of the spotlight for real-time strategy games at the moment, Spellbinders is definitely one that deserves some attention too. Kiloo is hailing this as having some MOBA style gameplay, and the goal is to defeat your enemies towers by placing units in the right lanes. You will command a particular god with amazing power, each with their own unique units, and the ability to unleash your abilities at later points in the match.


This is a puzzle offering and although it follows in the visual footsteps of games like Monument Valley, the goal of each stage is to ring the bells in the right order. There are over 160 levels to play through with multiple worlds, each having their own style of design and environment.

Taichi Panda: Heroes

This is essentially the sequel to the original Taichi Panda, and although the gameplay is fairly similar as it follows a sort of action RPG hack and slash dungeon crawler, there are now more MMO elements in the mix. The panda has returned as a playable character, but beyond that, other character types are fresh, and the graphics are even more beautiful than they are in the original.

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark has been a fan favorite franchise on Android for a while, and the latest, Hungry Shark World has just been released. There are new and improved 3D graphics hailed as console quality, new worlds to explore and an astounding number of different sharks to unlock.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter

This is another puzzle game and is somewhat similar to Lara Croft GO. You play as Nathan Drake, and your goal is to acquire the treasure in each level, but not before making it past any number of traps, and if you want the bonus keys from each level which you can use to unlock chests that contina useful items, you'll have to reach the treasure in the specified number of turns.

Bushido Bear

Rounding out this list is an action game called Bushido Bear. As you may have guessed, you play as a ninja bear that must save the forest by cutting down enemies using a series of gestures and swipes. You can unlock different abilities and different types of bears too. The game also features a rather cute style of graphics that quite honestly make the game more enjoyable.

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