Top 10: Fitness Tracker Apps For Android - May 2016

As fitness trackers become more and more mainstream, the wearers of those fitness trackers will need the companion app installed on their device that allows them to connect to it for keeping track of their data. Each app is specifically designed for a particular brand of tracker, and although you could try and search for alternatives, a companion app is going to be needed if you want to make the most of your fitness tracker while on the go. Here is a list of ten fitness tracker apps that you can and should get a hold of if you have trackers associated with the brand.


Kicking off the list is the companion app for either the Misfit Shine or the Misfit Flash. As one would expect, the app will allow you track your daily goals as well as weekly and monthly goals, see your activity trends and everything is accessible via easy to navigate tabs.

Polar Flow

If you've opted for one of the Polar trackers, like the Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, A300 or others, then this is the app you'll need. The interface lets you glance at things by the day, week, or month, and you can use it to see your active time as well as receive inactivity alerts to get up and move, which the tracker itself should also do.

Mi Fit

This is the app aimed at those who have the fitness trackers from Xiaomi, such as the Mi Band. The app has a great looking interface compared to some of the others, and although it has your standard features like seeing your activity data, you can also use the app to set alarms as well as monitor and track the quality of your sleep, with detailed information like how long you slept down to the hour and minute.


For those with the Razer Nabu or Razer Nabu X, the new and improved Nabu app will provide you with an overview of your steps, calories burned, distance, hours slept, and active minutes all from the dashboard, and if you want to see things from a more broad perspective you can scale things out to glance at weekly, monthly, or even yearly data of your activities.

Garmin Connect Mobile

Users of the Garmin Vivofit, Garmin Vivosmart and other Garmin fitness trackers or watches, will be able to steps, sleep, active calories, and remaining calories from the "my day" screen, and it can even show you a map of the route you took during exercise, along with associated data like average pace and elevation gain.

Google Fit

This app may not be specifically designed for a single tracker, but it does have the ability to aggregate your health data and it's compatible with multiple fitness apps, making this extremely useful if you want to compile all of your data into one place.

Microsoft Health

If you've gone with either the Microsoft Band or the Microsoft Band 2, Microsoft Health will be your best friend here. If you use the app to set goals, you can see all of your activities for those goals on the main screen and it will detail the percentage of that goal that you've completed so you know how far you have left to go. It can even keep you updated with notification alerts.

Up by Jawbone

One of the best things about the Jawbone trackers is the personal coach, and the official app for Jawbone's fitness trackers has this included so it can learn from you and offer up guidance on making healthier life choices. You can also use it to set and keep track of food and diet goals too, among many other things.


Whether you have a smartband or other tracker from Sony, the Lifelog app is a fully featured fitness tracker app that has a lot to offer. You can use it to track just about every aspect of your life from fitness data like steps taken and calories burned, to time spent with certain apps and games, and it can turn it into a comprehensive overview of your activities day to day. Of course, you can make the most of Lifelog if you have one of Sony's trackers.


Last but certainly not least is the Fitbit app. Although you do not need the Fitbit app to use one of the trackers as you can connect to a computer and use the web interface for syncing and viewing your data, the app allows you to see things at a glance on the go. It can show you all your basic fitness data like calories burned, steps, distance, and you can interact with friends on Fitbit, earn badges for completing goals, and even see your battery percentage of the connected Fitbit device.

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