Top 10: Best Cases for the LG G5


When it comes to the LG G5, it's a pretty unique smartphone. Not only due to it being somewhat modular. But also due to it featuring two cameras on the back, along with a coat of paint over the metal unibody – which they say is to get rid of the antenna lines. But what about protecting your LG G5? We've got plenty of cases here that will do just that for you.

OBLIQ Flex Pro



The OBLIQ Flex Pro is a TPU case for the LG G5. It's a soft case, but somewhat flexible, making it easy to put on and take it off of the LG G5. Which is great because you will need to remove it to use any of the modules for the LG G5. The Flex Pro is currently only available in black, but it does look quite nice on the LG G5.

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Spigen Rugged Armor



This is a classic case from Spigen. They have it available for most smartphones that they make cases for. The rugged armor is another TPU case for the LG G5, but it feels rather nice in the hand. The Rugged Armor isn't going to be the most protective case out there, but it is better than having nothing at all on the LG G5.

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Caseology Wavelength Series



The Caseology Wavelength Series is another great looking case for the LG G5. This one is more of a hard-case for the device, but it also adds quite a bit of grip too. Especially important given how slippery metal smartphones can be. There is still a nice cut out on the back for the fingerprint sensor/power button as well. Making it easy to still use the LG G5.

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i-BLASON Wallet Case



This style of case has become quite popular over the last few years. It's a flip case that has a couple of slots in the cover, which are used for keeping your cards and some cash. Hence the name "wallet". However, it is also a folio case, and can be used for standing the smartphone on its side and watching videos without needing to hold the device. Definitely useful in this day and age.

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VRS Design – Layered Dandy



If you're into wallet folio cases, we have another one here. This time from VRS Design. This is their Layered Dandy, which is available in a few different colors. It is made from faux leather, but still looks quite nice. VRS Design has a few slots available for cards, as well as giving it the ability to stand on its side in landscape mode.

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Spigen Style Armor



Now this one is a pretty cool design, and only available for the LG G5. It's similar to the Rugged Armor we already listed, however this one allows the bottom to pop off along with the bottom of the phone. So you are able to swap out batteries and add on other modules without much of a problem.

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Poetic Affinity Series



This may not be the most pretty looking case out there, but it sure is protective. The Affinity Series from Poetic is here to guard your LG G5 from any fall that it might encounter. It's a hard but clear case. Which is going to allow you to easily show off the design of your smartphone, without having to go without a case.

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VRS Design Single Fit


This is basically just a plain, TPU case for the LG G5. It does come in a few different colors – the red color looks especially nice on the LG G5. It's a TPU case, but still pretty protective. It will protect your smartphone with the lip that goes over the screen, to keep the display from getting damaged. And it covers the entire back and sides of the LG G5 as well.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series


This really isn't a great looking case. But one thing is for sure, it'll protect your LG G5 more than just about any other case on this list. It's available in a few different colors, and has a nice thick bumper around the edges. This is protect the device from when it falls, especially on the side – which can actually cause the most damage.

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Incipio Octane Pure


The Octane Pure is a great looking case which Incipio offers in a few different color combinations. It features a TPU bumper and a polycarbonate shell. This is to give you the most protection without adding a lot of thickness or bulk to your smartphone. Definitely important for most people.

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