Top 10: Best Cases for the HTC 10 – May 2016


You just paid a ton of money for that beautiful looking HTC  10. While it is a beautiful looking device, you do need to cover it up. Otherwise you risk scratching it up, or worse. Luckily, there are plenty of great looking cases available for the HTC 10, as well as ones that will provide a ton of protection for the smartphone. We've got 10 of the best for the HTC 10. Let's check them out.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO



If you're clumsy, or drop your phone a lot, you'll want to take a good hard look at the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO. Sure it's not the best looking case available for the HTC 10. But it is going to provide plenty of protection, especially with its built-in screen protector. SUPCASE also has port covers to keep dust out of the ports.

Buy the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

Cimo Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case



Something a bit slimmer than the option from SUPCASE above, the Cimo Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case is a great looking TPU case that will give you some protection, but still allow you to keep the HTC 10 as sleek as it was meant to be. This slim fit case also gives your HTC 10 more grip, which is always a good thing, as metal smartphones do have a tendency to be slippery.

Buy the Cimo Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

Poetic Affinity Series



Poetic has always made some fantastic cases for smartphones, and their Affinity Series may not be the best looking ones out there, but they do their job. Which is to protect the HTC 10. This is a polycarbonate back, with a TPU frame, which is slightly raised and allows the frame to take more of the damage than the rest of the case. Essentially adding more protection to the case.

Buy the Poetic Affinity Series

Spigen Thin Fit



Spigen has a number of cases available for the HTC 10. Including this Thin Fit case. This is a hard case for the HTC 10, which will provide a bit more protection in comparison to the TPU cases that are also available. It does have all of the necessary cut outs like the camera, flash, volume rocker, power button, etc. And it's one of the cheaper cases for the HTC 10, currently.

Buy the Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Neo Hybrid



This case here is a TPU case with a polycarbonate frame. Having these two materials together in one case means that you are getting even more protection and the Neo Hybrid absorbs the shock when the phone is dropped. Allowing the case to take the damage instead of the HTC 10. The Neo Hybrid does also add quite a bit of grip to the HTC 10, to keep the phone from slipping out of your hands.

Buy the Spigen Neo Hybrid

LK Ultra TPU Case



LK Ultra also has a nice TPU case here for the HTC 10. Like the others we've already listed, this allows the HTC 10 to keep its rather thin profile that it already has, while still protecting the device. Of course, it also has all of the normal cut outs, so you are still able to access the camera, power button, volume rocker, headphone jack and more.

Buy the LK Ultra TPU Case

VRS Design Layered Dandy



If you're one that prefers a wallet folio type case, VRS Design has you covered here with their Layered Dandy. This is a wallet folio case that is made of faux leather and provides a great looking case, that can also be used to store your credit cards and even some cash. Seeing as this is a folio case, you are also able to stand it in landscape mode to watch video.

Buy the VRS Design Layered Dandy

Incipio NGP Case


The Incipio NGP Case for the HTC 10 is a flexible, shock-absorbing translucent case. Giving you the ability to protect your newly purchased HTC 10, but also being able to still show off the striking design that the HTC 10 sports. It is a shock-absorbing case, which means the case will take all the damage when your phone hits the ground.

Buy the Incipio NGP Case

EasyAcc Soft TPU Case


EasyAcc has put together a clear TPU case for the HTC 10, which again, allows you to still show off the design of the HTC 10 while protecting your new smartphone. It'll protect your HTC 10 from drops as well as scratches and dents. To keep your smartphone looking newer, longer.

Buy the EasyAcc Soft TPU Case

TUDIA Ultra Slim Bumper Case


TUDIA may not be a brand that you are terribly familiar with, but their case here is a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane TPU case. And because it is a TPU case, it is a bit flexible, allowing you to easily put it on and take it off of the HTC 10. Additionally it has raised edges to protect the display from scratches and shattering if it hits the ground.

Buy the TUDIA Ultra Slim Bumper Case

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