Top 10: Android Apps For Those Who Are Expecting – May 2016

It is Mother's Day soon and for some, now might be the time when they are expecting a baby or maybe they are about to enjoy their first official Mother's Day. Whether you are expecting a child, are planning to be soon or would just like to know more about the pregnancy and maternity period, then there are a number of apps which are specifically-designed for just that purpose. Below are ten of the pregnancy and maternity apps that are currently worth checking out.

Mama - Thoughtful Shopping

If you or someone you know is expecting a new baby or has just given birth then chances are you (or they) will need a ton of new things. Be it clothes, bits for the baby or otherwise. This is where Mama comes in as this is an app which not only looks to highlight what is on trend, but also looks to help find you better deals on those items too.


Up next is an app designed to be used throughout your pregnancy and one which looks to provide you with feedback on various aspects. Therefore, you can track aspects like your health, how long you have been pregnant and even view your scans. Although, the developers are quick to point out that this should not be used for any medical reasons, but instead as a way for you to personally monitor this special time.

iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility

Like Pregnancy+, iMom is an app which again looks to provide you with feedback during your pregnancy. Although, it does also offer features for those who have just given birth and even those who are trying to make a baby. If you fall into any of those categories, then you might want to check iMom out.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today

My Pregnancy & Baby Today is another tracking app and one which will provide you with feedback on a day-to-day basis as well as visual imagery to show and educate on how big the baby currently is. as well as other various educational videos. This is a highly popular app based on download numbers.

Maternity Dresses Idea

Up next is an app which is rather self-explanatory. Maternity Dresses Idea is an app which looks to showcase a number of different styles of dresses which can be bought or worn during the pregnancy and just afterward. Including some advice on which style of dress to wear for different occasions. Good app for those who are interested in fashion or looking for some 'what to wear' inspiration.

280days: Pregnancy Diary

Continuing with the most popular style of maternity app, 280days is another tracking app of sorts. However, this one is a little more unique than some of the others as it is designed to be used by both parents. Both can record their own diary of the special time and they can even be synced together to provide a more overall picture.

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker

If you have yet to find the right tracker app for you then maybe Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker will be the one. While this is another tracker, it is one which places a good deal of emphasis on its ability to be customized for a unique experience which is tailored to your needs. Not to mention it comes with a ton of additional information and articles on what you should expect during this time.

What To Expect: Pregnancy Tracker

Speaking of ‘what to expect’, if you are already part of the ‘What To Expect’ community, then this is the app you will want to check out. This is the app version of the popular pregnancy and parenting site and will make sure you stay connected and informed on all the news from the community.

BabyChakra Parenting Pregnancy

Another community-focused app is BabyChakra. As well as providing the user with a way to engage with other expecting parents, this app also looks to provide feedback on local services that you may be considering using in your area. Feedback from like-minded people. Not to mention, it might be a good place to find answers to a number of those questions you might need answering.

I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App

Closing out the list today is another app which looks to be your personal tracker during this special time. As such, this is another app which will track your progress on a weekly basis, provide updates, tips and try to make sure you stay as best informed on how everything is going.

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