Rumor: T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 is all About Customer Appreciation

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Since 2013, when T-Mobile launched their first Uncarrier move in which they killed contracts, the company has continued to eliminate customer pain points with the 9 following Uncarrier moves. Uncarrier 10, which was held late last year, introduced Binge On. While it was met with quite a bit of negative feedback, Binge On has gone on to be a pretty big success for the company. Now it looks like the company is planning their next Uncarrier move, which will likely be dubbed “Uncarrier 11”.

This Uncarrier move is a bit different from the others, if the source is to be believed. It appears that T-Mobile is going to launch an app called “T-Mobile Tuesdays” where subscribers can get freebies each week. This is going to be more of a customer appreciation move than eliminating a pain point – which is what the Uncarrier moves have been all about. According to VentureBeat, this new app is going to allow subscribers freebies, chances to win prizes in a giveaway (which include things like movie tickets, trips to events, gift cards and more), as well as some stock in the company. It looks like T-Mobile is doing this campaign in partnership with Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s and Vudu. It’s unclear whether any cash changed hands, or if there will be some advertising done with these three companies and T-Mobile, or if T-Mobile is just buying items from them to give to customers. These items include a free pizza from Domino’s a Frosty at Wendy’s and a movie download from Vudu.


Now we already noted that you’ll be able to get stock in the company, and T-Mobile is said to be doing something pretty cool with this promotion. T-Mobile is giving away a quarter-share of T-Mobile stock per line to eligible subscribers who will need to claim it within 14 days of the Uncarrier event. The key word there is “eligible subscribers”, as it appears that not everyone will be eligible. More than likely, this will only be for postpaid customers.

Last but not least, the Uncarrier event is said to be taking place on June 6th. Now this has not been confirmed, and invites have not been sent out just yet. So take this with a grain of salt. But if it does turn out to be true, we could be seeing Uncarrier 11 in just about a month’s time.