STARZ App Gains Android TV Support In Latest Update

Starz Android TV

Android TV is likely to be one of the Android-related entities that plays a role in this week’s Google I/O event. While it will not play as much of a role as some of the other expected aspects, like Android N or Android VR, Android TV will be present, represented and there will be announcements being made. In fact, just ahead of the start of the event and today has seen two new Android TV announcements being made on apps that have now gained Android TV support. The first was WatchESPN which ESPN today confirmed now offers access from Android TV devices (albeit through the normal ESPN app and not the dedicated WatchESPN app) and now Starz has also announced they they have introduced support for their STARZ Android app.

Firstly, it does need to be made clear that you do need a STARZ subscription to make use of the app once it is downloaded. However, there are two routes to achieving this. If you already have a cable subscription which includes access to STARZ, then you will be able to download the app and simply sign in as normal. Alternatively, the app does offer an option to subscribe on a per month basis and this option will set you back $8.99 per month.


It also does need to be made clear that like the WatchESPN access, it seems that not all Android TV devices are currently being supported by the STARZ update. However, unlike WatchESPN, Starz has yet to provide detailed information on which Android TV devices are currently supported, although they have specified that the Nexus Player and “Sony Android TV” are supported. Therefore, it would be assumed that support for all models of Sony’s Android TV sets is included. It does also look to be the case that the NVIDIA SHIELD is compatible as well, although for any other Android TV-running device, you will need to check your device’s compatibility. Either way, the STARZ app has now been updated with the Android TV support and can be downloaded (and device compatibility checked) by heading through the Google Play link below.

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