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No matter what the reasons, it's always a good idea to keep the data on your device backed up and stored properly in the event that you need to run a factory data reset on the phone. A reset could be due to corrupted software in the device causing something to work improperly, or you could simply be looking for a fresh start on the device to make things feel like new. In either case, backing up your data, if you want to keep any of it, is a first step in the process. There are a number of different ways to do this, but what if backing up data isn't the issue and what you need is to recover your data? If that's the case and if you prefer to complete the process through the use of a PC, Android data recovery software such as Dr. Fone can help do the trick pretty effortlessly.

Before you can begin the process for recovering any of your lost data, you'll need to grab the Android data recovery software from the Dr. Fone website, which can be found at the link above to download and install the program to your Windows-based PC. Dr. Fone is created by Wondershare, who also creates other useful products that may be worth checking out, such as a PDF tools, a mobile utility, and more.

As you can see, Dr. Fone can allow for android data recovery of just about anything you could need, including contacts, pictures, videos, audio, documents, messaging, call history and even the messages and attachments in those messages contained in WhatsApp.

The process for recovering any data you're seeking can take a while depending on what you've included and are requesting the software to find. If for example, you have only checked a couple of boxes, like contacts and messages, the recovery process might take a little less time, but if you're checking all boxes or are looking for the largest types of files, such as pictures, videos, and audio, you could be in for a bit of wait.

Beyond recovering the data of your Android device, the Dr. Fone software program also offers other functions as well. For example, you can use it to safely remove the lock screen code that you've set up in the event that you have forgotten what the password may be, allowing you to unlock the device without having to perform a hard button factory reset and lose your data. Of course, it is worth noting that if you have an encrypted device, you'll need to provide the PIN code or password regardless of a factory reset, so it's still a good idea to try and keep this information safe somewhere.

Dr. Fone also has the ability to scan broken Android devices to recover lost data even if the device is inoperable, the program features an option that can allow you to retrieve your data whether the screen is broken or unresponsive. There is also an option for Android data recovery from a microSD card too, if you have the need to save any data from external storage. To use the microSD card option, though, you'll need to remove the card from the device, and plug it into the computer using an SD reader before you can begin the process. For the broken screen recovery and the microSD card recovery, all of the same data options are available as far as content type.

When it comes to android data recovery, Dr. Fone is a straightforward program that makes the process of retrieving data you thought you had lost a rather simple one. There are just enough tools to make Dr. Fone useful without making it feel cluttered in any way, and everything is right in front of you and easy to navigate. Upon starting it up, Dr. Fone also walks you through the process of how to connect your device to the computer and have it be recognized by the program, which is needed before you can begin any recovery steps. In addition to helping you get the device connected, Dr. Fone also has a series of tutorial videos to assist in each particular function just in case you need help walking through any of the other parts of the software, and you can view all of these videos down below.


  • Speed (4/5) - Opening the program was swift and didn't seem to have any lag at all. The recovery process takes a bit of time, but this should be expected especially if you're trying to recover everything it allows.
  • Theme (5/5) - The program is designed nicely and is easy to navigate through.
  • Features (4/5) - Dr. Fone offers up just what it needs to and does its job well.
  • Overall (4/5) - A great program for helping you recover any lost data


  • Can recover contacts, messages, and WhatsApp messages and attachments in addition to media
  • Really easy to use
  • Can recover data from broken phones
  • Lock screen removal feature
  • Android data recovery from microSd cards


  • Does not give you an estimated time for completion during the recovery process, but it does give you a listed percentage of how much has been scanned which is nice.

Overall, Dr. Fone has plenty to offer to anyone who is looking for a tool to do one simple thing - recover data from their Android device or microSD card. The fact that it can recover data from broken devices as well as assist users in getting past their lock screen should they forget the lockscreen code also puts a nice finishing touch on things. Installation of the program was rather quick and the list of tutorial videos proved to be helpful in getting me up to speed on what to do, but one could probably get by without having to watch these as well as the program is that easy to use. If you need a tool for android data recovery, Dr. Fone is worth a shot.

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