Sponsored Post: Audible Makes Reading On Vacation A Breeze

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine

Much like movies, TV shows and music, books is another industry that has changed over the years quite substantially. In fact, while the common view on aspects like movies, TV shows and music is that they have almost now essentially fully migrated over to being digital, books is one which has managed to evolve and migrate to digital, while also maintaining its physical presence. While CD and movie rental shops have slowly faded away, there are still plenty of bookshops around. A sentiment which highlights just how important reading remains to many and how different people like to consume reading material, differently. Now, with the arrival of a greater availability to digest digital books, you have the option. Prefer a physical book, then you can still pick one up. Prefer to read a book on your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, laptop, computer or Kindle, then you can. In fact, when it comes to digital books, one area which is seeing incredible growth lately is audiobooks. In no small part thanks to Audible.

For those new to Audible, this is an Amazon company and one which looks to really open up the world of audiobooks and spoken word content. Compared to before when you might have to search low and high for your favorite book in spoken word form, Audible brings together over 250,000 titles and not only novels. Audible offers titles from a number of broadcasters, entertainers, as well as magazine and newspaper options. Essentially, a one-stop shop solution to all things spoken word. Not to mention, it is a service which is growing in its features, going well beyond the simple ability to download and listen to digital content.

A prime example of this is in the new Audible "Clips" feature that has been introduced to Audible recently. While Audible members could always make use of a bookmark feature, with the new clips feature, members are able to essentially record clips of content. This could be a sentence or even a few sentences thanks to the upper recording limit being set at 45 seconds. From playing about with the feature, there are two clear selling points with Clips. The first is a more personal one, as the feature is a handy way to record snippets of content for quick feedback whenever you want. These could be inspirational clips which you can later refer back to whenever you need to hear them, or just funny jokes for whenever you need or want a quick laugh. The other interesting aspect of the new Clips feature, is that they are designed to be social as well. So if you are listening to an audiobook and hear something which you think someone else would like, then you can simply clip the sentence/message/joke and send it to any of your friends or loved ones. Recipients do not need to have an Audible account to hear the message, so once you send the clip they can just open the file and hear the quick clipped message. You can see an example of how Clips works in the video below.

However, the clip feature is just one of the benefits of Audible and without a doubt the main selling point is the ease at which you can find content suited to your tastes. If you are driving and looking for entertaining books, stand up comedy or just informative content, than Audible does offer quite a selection to choose from. Likewise, if you are after a new book to listen to without having to worry about carrying, buying or even reading the book, then Audible does make available a great selection of newer titles as well. For instance, I just vacationed in Hawaii and decided instead of paying the crazy airport prices for a paperback to read on the plane, I would test out Audible. In doing so, I downloaded one of Stephen King's latest books, Joyland (which by the way, is narrated by Michael Kelly, aka Doug from House of Cards) and also Ready Player One which was narrated by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame (or Stand by Me for the King fans out there).

This latter one is all the rage right now and over the last month or two I had been repeatedly told that I should read it. Well, using Audible while on vacation was the perfect solution. It allowed me to have both books with me at all times and allowed me to chop and change between them. A great way to carry multiple books with you without having to physically carry them with you. Not to mention, even though these were initially to pass the flight time, I found the service just as easy to use on the beach and during my morning coffee on the lanai. I even decided to try my hand at learning some Russian content while out there - just because I could. Depending on your reading tastes, Ready Player One is definitely the more on-topic novel of the two, but Joyland is worth checking out if you are a Stephen King fan. Although, in that case, you should definitely read Mr Mercedes. Another great recent read from Stephen King and one which is also available on Audible.

If you are planning your own vacation, looking for a new way to spend the morning rush hour drive or train to work, or just looking to get into digital books more, then it is worth checking Audible out. The service does offer the first 30 days for free, so you can 'try before you buy' and also offers new customers the option to download and keep an entire book for free, even if you cancel. So you have nothing to lose. After your 30-day trial with free download, the subscription will cost $14.95 for one book credit per month, although there are different membership options to choose from. All of which will allow you to continue using the service and have content instantly available on your home computer setup or on your mobile with both an iOS and an Android app available.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

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