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Guess the Word – 5 Clues is a simple Android game that asks players to guess the answer from a string of clues that all relate to each other in terms of word association. Each question will give players a single word clue, and a further four can be uncovered to guess the final answer from a selection of letters. The less clues that people need to reveal in order to guess the final word answer, the more coins they will get. These coins can then be used in order to get clues and such to help you fill in tricky answers and such. So, let's take a closer look shall we?

First thing's first, players will need to download Guess the word – 5 Clues from the Play Store, and once it launches, they can go ahead and get started.


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The main menu has some other options to get access to things such as Google Play Games access and such, but for now we'll go ahead and start with the tutorial in order to get started with Guess the word – 5 Clues.

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This tutorial not only shows people how to play the game, but also how the coins and such can be used as well. These include unlocking hints and such.

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When playing Guess the word – 5 Clues I did find it quite the challenge when I was first getting used to the app, as the word association format isn't quite as you'd think it is, which can make things a little tricky. For whatever reason, this seemingly-simple question caught me off guard:


2016-05-04 15.40.43

As we can see there are a number of green letters there, and that's because I have used my coins in order to reveal this letters, making it easier to see what I need to use to fill in the rest of the word. This is a nice feature for younger users and those that might get a little stuck, but if you run out of coins, you'll end up paying for them with either your time or your money.

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As I got further into the game and made my way up through the levels however, I was getting the hang of the game, and enjoying it in the process. The word association basically asks you to figure out which word – from the limited amount of letters given to you – has to relate to the ones already placed in front of you.

2016-05-04 15.37.48

If we take this example, for instance the above has two words and I've uncovered some more to make it easier for me to figure out that the answer is in fact "Koala".


2016-05-04 15.38.00

One thing that I was happy to see included in Guess the word – 5 Clues was the option to use Google Play Games to connect with other players, which included things like leaderboards:

2016-05-04 15.49.40


As well as achievements, too, both of which give players something to work towards as well as giving the game something else to offer players.

2016-05-04 15.49.47

After spending some time with Guess the word – 5 Clues, I have to say that this is a game that certainly feels familiar to many other games out there. That's not to say that this isn't a fun game on its own, because it is, but it's perhaps not the most original of games out there. Which is to be expected of a game that has so much in common with other games, which in turn aren't that original themselves. That said, Guess the word – 5 Clues is not your typical guessing game as different people will associate different words with those that the game throws up at people, and some will get the right word right away from looking at the letters while others will need some more time to think. it seems a simple enough game, but it can be quite challenging, and it should offer users of all ages something fun and casual to get stuck into.



  • Speed (4/5) – Guess the word – 5 Clues runs nice and smoothly, and the pace of play is entirely down to the player, which is nice to see.
  • Theme (4/5) – Everything here looks okay and while it's not the flashiest game out there, it looks good and is easy to use.
  • Features (4/5) – Again, Guess the word – 5 Clues is not the most original game out there, but this is due to a lot of factors, yet still doesn't take away from the game which plays well and has a lot on offer for puzzle and word game fans.
  • Overall (4/5) – Guess the word – 5 Clues is a casual, fun game that will appeal to all ages and all sorts of players, especially those that like to think in words rather than pictures, bucking the trend of 4 pics – one word games that we've seen over-and-over again.


  • Works well on smartphones as well as tablets, offering good use of screen real estate.
  • Gives players the option to persevere with just one word and clean house or make it easier and earn less in rewards.
  • Has a good structure in place to offer players that don't want to pay a single penny a way of getting more coins and hints.
  • A nice change of pace from similar titles that rely too heavily on pictures.


  • Constant ads on display might put some players off, but they are well-chosen and worked in well.
  • Some younger players might find this a real tough challenge.

All-in-all, Guess the word – 5 Clues is the sort of game that will appeal to a lot of players, but those looking for more of the same 4 pics – one word gameplay will need to look elsewhere. Which is actually a good thing, as there's far too much of that going on these days. Guess the word – 5 Clues is a game that word fans will really enjoy and could offer them something new and fresh beyond the standard sort of games they're used to.

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