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Dimension Painter is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of Mongdang, a talented young hero that uses his magical pencil to help save his planet from evil forces. In terms of gameplay, users need to solve puzzles, draw portals, suck up ink, time their movements and think logically. A cross between a platformer game and strategy game, Dimension Painter is the sort of game that should appeal to lots of different players out there. With over 130 different levels and an ever-growing list of features, Dimension Painter is an Indie game that seems to have a lot going for it, so let's find out just how much, shall we?

Players will need to download Dimension Painter from the Play Store, and once they've done that, they can go ahead and launch the game to get acquainted with the setting of things thanks to the nice intro.


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The intro introduces us to Mongdang, the hero of the game, who jumped through the portal created by the elders. The artwork here is really quite endearing and everything looks good.

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The main menu looks good and displays a small planet at the heart of things, which is where much of the action takes place throughout the 130+ different levels.

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This planet is rotated to select the different levels, which take place across a number of different environments, further spicing things up for the player.


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The game does an okay job of explaining how Dimension Painter actually works, but it's something that a lot of people might find a little confusing at first.

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It's easy to see that the game takes some of its inspiration from platformer games of the past as well as some more modern strategy games as players just need to tap to move our hero and all the different parts of the level that have different uses are clearly marked.

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The different levels have different puzzles to figure out, and the end result of these will be different depending on where you're headed on the level and such.


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While the game certainly starts off fairly easily, there's a lot of variety out there that changes as players head to different environments, and the game does develop a challenge as players keep on playing.

Dimension Painter 01


It's nice to see the varied artwork as well, which changes depending on the different environment. Some of the levels gety very difficult, and there's the option to replay every level on a different difficulty level whenever you want to replay the game.

Dimension Painter 02

There's even support for Google Play Games' achievements, which helps to add to the developer's aim of creating a console level of game, despite it being a mobile title. There are part of the game that will teach you about updated mechanics, and these help to show off some good graphics and reinforce the console styling of the game.


Dimension Painter 03

Dimension Painter is the sort of Android game that will appeal to fans of Indie titles as well as gamers that are just looking for something a little different. With its good-looking graphics and wide variety of different levels, Dimension Painter has a lot to offer players, and it's the sort of game that will surprise those expecting a boring game, as this can be an exciting offering in the Play Store. There's a good backstory here to get people intrigued and all the controls are simple enough for casual gamers, leaving the logical thought puzzles and such to take the lead in what ends up being a challenging and endearing strategy game that blends elements of platformer games as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – Dimension Painter runs nice and smoothly and its pacing is mostly down to the user, giving them the freedom to approach the game as they wish to.
  • Theme (5/5) – This sort of art style might not be everyone's taste, but there are some cute and endearing visuals here that mix together elements of older game design as well as more modern approaches to great effect. Considering this is an Indie game, these are some great graphics at work here.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay here in Dimension Painter has enough on offer to keep players entertained for a long time, and the variety of levels and environments helps to spice things up throughout the gameplay.
  • Overall (4/5) – With some great graphics, a mix of all sorts of different styles and a lot more besides, Dimension Painter is certainly a game to look out for, and it's got a lot going for it no matter what sort of gamer you are.


  • Good-looking graphics will appeal to all kinds of ages, and it doesn't seem too childish or too oldschool, either.
  • Gameplay mechanics mix all sorts of different things together and it has a lot to offer puzzle fans, strategy fans and everyone else, really.
  • Lots of different levels and different environments help to mix things together to keep things fresh.
  • Great atmosphere and a unique backstory help to set Dimension Painter aside from a lot of other games out there.


  • Quicker movement might appeal to players that are more used to onscreen controls and such.
  • Could do with some extra characters with different abilities to keep things flowing nicely.

For a lot of players, Dimension Painter will be a breath of fresh air while also reassuringly familiar as well. It's the sort of game that blends a lot of different elements together to deliver something that feels new. It's certainly an Indie game, and it's one that has great graphics and such that will keep players interested and on their toes. The logical puzzles will please older players while the setting will please younger players, making this something for everyone overall.

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