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TripTalk is an Android app – which will be available on iOS before the end of 2016 – that wants to make it super-easy and enjoyable for users to track their trips all over the world. Users can do this by giving each trip a different name and then adding photos, written posts, videos or even audio. This allows users to create a modern scrapbook of all sorts of different media and then quickly and easily put it all together in a nice and neat manner. Users can collaborate on a travel diary or journal to make a group record as well. As this is all digital media, TripTalk makes it nice and easy to share these moments and memories with whomever you wish, or just keep a diary all to yourself – the choice is yours! Free to download and use, TripTalk is the sort of app that travellers will really enjoy, so let's see what it's all about shall we?

First off, users will need to download TripTalk from the Play Store, and then they can go ahead and get started. There's an introduction to the app and then users will need to either login or register for a new account.


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Users that want to sign up with TripTalk can do so either with an email and password or by using their Facebook profile.

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One thing I was little on the fence about is the mandatory inclusion of a profile picture, and on top of that there's no way to take a selfie there and then, as the app demands that you choose from an image already on your device. Still, the way you crop and zoom an image is nice and slick.

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Once you have your account all up and running, you can go ahead and start your first trip, you'll need to give this a name of course.




A cover photo is also a good idea, but once you've got the ball rolling, you can then start to add all sorts of content to the trip. You can add all sorts of different media to a trip, including audio and video as well as classic photos, too. Users can work together on their work as well, which makes it great for family trips or even honeymoons and such.



TripTalk will allow users to control how their stories are formed as well, whether or not they want the app to put together their trip automatically or take full control.



Another nice feature here is the ability to select how the trip actually looks inside of TripTalk after you've put in your chosen content.


Users can always take a look at a trip in progress to see the photos and videos that they've added to it over time as well, which makes things a lot easier for to keep track of the end result.



At any time users can go ahead and take a look at all of the different images and media that they've put in their trips so far.



Trips in TripTalk don't always have to be holidays or vacations of course, they can be metaphorical journeys, but those that do involve some sort of travelling can benefit from Maps to make a record of where and what happened.

TripTalk Locations

When using TripTalk I was wondering whether or not the app would start to charge me after a certain period or so, and digging through the settings gave me my answer. This is an app that relies mostly on storage and doesn't really give users much for free. 250MB in perspective is just 25 photos at 10MB each, and the amount that the app charges for an extra 1GB is pretty high to say the least. TripTalk will however, give you an extra 25MB for each friend that you invite to join the app.

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Elsewhere, there are more respectable sort of charges, that ask users to pay for extra themes which isn't too bad, but an extra charge some might not be happy about.

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There are new themes that are coming to the app soon as well which will give users more ways of expressing themselves through their cover photos and such.


Those wondering just what their TripTalk stories will look like can see full size stories in the gallery below:


TripTalk is the sort of app that I see a lot of potential in, it's so slick and so polished that it will appeal to those that like a good quality app and the concept is good fun as well. It might not be the most original out there, but it will bring a smile to people's faces and it's a very modern way of doing things, that's for sure. With some great graphics and luscious fonts, TripTalk sure looks the part and while there's a little of the iOS look here, this is an app that manages to be its own design. Being able to create a trip and add whatever content you want to it is pretty great and there's a lot on offer for users looking to log all sorts of events and happenings. For instance, users can take photos or video of the journey there, record a clip of a concert, video their meal being made and so on, this combination of different medias makes TripTalk really worthwhile. My only complaint with the app is how it bills its customers, after all charging that much for 1GB is something Verizon would do. Charging a small subscription fee each month or whatever would be a much kinder way of doing things, and would probably ensure a steady flow of money for the developer as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – TripTalk runs nice and smoothly, and it's a really slick app as well.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall presentation might be a little too much like iOS for some people, but it's a quality-looking app that has so much on offer in terms of looks and general feel that the overall polish is worth taking a look on its own. A great design at work here.
  • Features (4/5) – This sort of concept might not be 100% original, but it's the sort of thing a lot of people enjoy and it will be a lot of fun for some. Being able to combine all this different content together is great fun, and it's a very modern take on an old classic.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid and slick app that has all the right boxes ticked while offering users a variety of different options to express and log their favorite moments in their trips.


  • Super-simple to use and get started with, even those not super-familiar with Android will be able to get to grips with it.
  • Allows users to combine all sorts of different media together, including photos, videos, audio and more.
  • Trips that are journeys can be mapped out to make sure users remember where they went for special occasions and such.
  • Easily shared with other people, the trips in TripTalk aren't just self-absorbed diaries.


  • Charges users for more data storage to keep their trips, which could quickly run out depending on the amount of content put into them. Users can however get 25mb of data for inviting new users to the app.
  • Example trip for new users to look through and learn from would be nice to see as a sort of tutorial.

All-in-all, TripTalk is a great app for those that want to make a sort of digital scrapbook. It's a modern take on an old yet enjoyable way of remembering the big moments in your life. Users can input lots of different media from photos to audio clips and everything is neatly lad out and easy to share with other people all over the world. Well worth looking into, TripTalk is the modern travel diary that many will have been waiting for. Available by clicking the button below on Android, TripTalk will soon allow users to register their interest for the iOS app, perhaps for an iPad or their family and friends.

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