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TB List.Make is an Android app that aims to make it super-easy to create detailed shopping lists, notes and reminders with a great smartphone app as well as an Android Wear app for your smartwatch. For those looking to create shopping lists with a running, itemized total, TB List.Make is the sort of app that will help shoppers stick to a budget as well as track their spending. Great for todo lists as well as notes, TB List.Make has a lot on offer, and allows people to easily share these lists as well as open previously-created lists and save new lists to load up at any time. Let's take a closer look.

As with a lot of Android apps, users will need to download TB List.Make or the free version from the Play Store in order to get started. When launched for the first time, the TB List will offer up a tutorial to teach new users how to use the app in less than three minutes.


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The tutorial itself is a YouTube video that opens and plays there and then from the app, or new users can view it here as well. The idea of  this video tutorial is to give users an outline of the concept of TB List.Make as well as teach them how to use the app. Many users grasp things after watching this video just once, so it's worth giving a go.


When using TB List.Make, users will need to start to create a list. This main part of the app features an interface that most people will find straightforward. It's separated into three different segments; "my list", "templates" and "crossed off".

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This is the templates list, which features a vast amount of generic terms for items you might throw into your grocery basket each week.


2016-05-02 08.23.04

What really speeds this process up however, is the ability for TB List to recognize natural language from voice commands. Allowing users to simply speak into the app and ask what it is they want to add to a list:



In this example we have simply spoken to the app and asked it to add "one liter of milk and one kilogram of potato and one kilogram of sugar", there's no special clauses or whatever needed, just speak to the app and it'll do what you need it to.


When you create a list by adding these items – or creating new items – you'll see the listed alphabetically in the my list part of the app.


2016-05-02 08.24.29

One thing that didn't exactly "click" with me is that with TB List.Make users edit a listing by hitting the checkbox. While not a major difference from other apps, this is something people will need to get used to that's for sure.

2016-05-02 08.25.15


Still, making changes to a list is all fine and well, and it's easy to change the unit of measurement for your item, as well as add in a price. For instance, I usually buy 1.2 or 1.5kg of Bananas, but TB List.Make only allows for whole numbers. To complete an item in a list, you just need to tap it and then it will end up in the "crossed off" column, which seems like an odd way to name something, why not just call it "completed"?

2016-05-02 08.25.32

During my use, TB List.Make felt very much focused on the shopping list side of things, but there is of course the option to create your own list template as well.


TB List.Make 01

This makes TB List.Make a flexible app, and the ability to share these lists with people via email and such also helps make TB List.Make a complete solution for those looking to keep track of what items they need and so on.

TB List.Make 02

This is also how the wearable side of TB List.Make is used, with the app sending a single chosen list to your smartwatch – if you have one running Android Wear, of course – to make it nice and easy to tick off items as you go about your day. TB List goes beyond this however, and also allows users to look at their lists from their wrist even when they're not paired with their watch.


The Android Wear app fits in with the rest of the overall design of Android Wear, and marking items off of a list from your wrist is not only really convenient, but nice and easy.



The templates system in TB List work really well, and it does have a huge library of common items on it, but not being able to use a decimal in a listing does feel a little basic. On the other hand however, using your voice to create lists in natural language speeds everything up. TB List is a list making app that has some great features, such as the ability to choose how many of each item you need to buy as well as setting whichever price you like, a great wearable app for Android Wear users and the developers are constantly working on new features and updates.


  • Speed (4/5) – Performance wise, this is a speedy app, and it runs nice and smoothly for the most part.
  • Theme (3/5) – The UI seems to be some sort of a mix of the dated Holo UI and the new Material Design UI, but with confusing elements like needing to check something to edit it makes for a confusing interface that needs cleaning up.
  • Features (4/5) – Despite some rocky user interface options here and there, TB List.Make has a lot on offer, and will make shoppers and those looking to keep to a budget nice and happy.
  • Overall (4/5) – It needs some extra polish and some tweaks to make it something much more useable, but as it stands, TB List.Make is an app that has a lot going for it.


  • Gives users the option to change the quantity and amount of items in their list, making it easier to keep track of things.
  • Allows for different units of measurements and a price to be added to each item individually.
  • Has a massive catalog of template items to make filling in a list nice and quick no matter what they're looking to add to it.
  • Makes sharing lists nice and simple with other users as well as a smartwatch running Android Wear.


  • Doesn't feature an interactive tutorial within the app, making it confusing for new users to adjust to.
  • Quirks such as the checklist to edit items will take some getting used to by users, but the video tutorial works well.

TB List.Make is the sort of list making app that a lot of users will find valuable, especially those looking to create detailed and easy-to-follow shopping lists. With a wearable app that works without your phone nearby – great for when you've left in the car or whatever – and other features other apps simply don't offer, this is a great app to consider. It can only get better, and This might be the one todo list and shopping list app that many users have been looking for.

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