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JustSayHi is an online dating application which aims to go beyond the swiping of just photos and let users interact with others through videos too. The app finds people nearby your area and lets you browse through their photos and videos, so for those who are used to dating apps, the way JustSayHi works should feel familiar. It also offers up a chat room style interface feature that lets users get straight to talking with other singles instead of browsing. More than dating, JustSayHi is a social app with a dating twist that focuses on helping find other singles for dates, friends and more.

Before you can get started with browsing, meeting, and chatting with other singles in your area, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download the JustSayHi app.



Upon opening up the application you can start by adding your name and your age, and the app will begin to search for other local singles that are nearby. It gives you the option to add a photo and a video right away although this is not required right from the start, they do mention, however, that adding photos and videos gives other users a better way of interacting.

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Once you get to start browsing singles profiles, you swipe up to search through the list and go to the next person, and if you like someone on the list you can tap the little heart button in the bottom right corner. If that person taps the heart button on your profile as well then you two are matched up as friends and will have the opportunity to then proceed with and engage in private chats with each other.

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If you want to jump right into the chat you can simply tap on the JustSayHi logo up at the top of the screen to expand the list of different chat rooms, which includes world chat, meet locals, USA Chat, and more. You can also filter your singles browsing with new people nearby, your fans, a page for your friends in the app, and a category for people you like.


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The app automatically finds your location so there is no need to set it. It also appears that there is no way to change the location or extend the radius of your search for the list of singles.

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If you have any private conversations going on with other users there is an envelope icon in the top right corner where you can find all of your messages. Here you can go back to all of your chats and continue interacting with the people that you're sending messages to, or respond to messages coming in.

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As your browse through pictures and videos, it will be listed how many pictures each person has and whether or not they are currently online so you can chat with them if you like. It also lists their location so you can see how close they are to you. If you're chatting with someone, you can see how long ago messages were sent as well.


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If you're looking for something a little bit different from other dating apps that are out there, JustSayHi can definitely provide you with something different. Although it does provide private chats for people that have liked each other in the app, it also lets you immediately start chatting with other users via the chatrooms if you would rather just get straight to conversations, and there are various chatrooms based on different regions. The idea of video uploads also makes it nice for those who want to learn a little bit more about the people that they're browsing through as the video can allow for singles to offer up more information about themselves.


  • Speed (4/5) – Setting up the app was pretty quick and using it didn't seem to have any lag at all. Browsing was quick and simple.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – Decent app design with easy navigation.
  • Features (4/5) – Nice set of features that includes a chat room option for people that want to skip browsing pictures and videos and go straight to having a conversation.
  • Overall (4/5) – Overall JustSayHi is a good app for browsing through singles and chatting with other users, whether you want to meet or just have a conversation.


  • Option to upload videos of yourself and see videos of other users instead of just photos
  • Chat rooms for having conversations with other JustSayHi users.
  • Private messaging between singles who "like" each other.
  • Easy to use


  • Does not seem to be a way to only view local singles, although this could just be due to there being a small amount of users in my local area.

JustSayHi – Free Singles Chat is a great app if you're looking for something just a little bit different from the other dating apps out there. It offers up the chat rooms so you can have conversations with other singles right away if you want, and you can easily switch back to browsing the singles lists of users with photos and videos at any time. Although there doesn't appear to be a way to narrow or extend your search radius of the singles that show up, the app works well and the ability to use videos for profiles instead of photos or in addition to photos is a nice touch. The app is also free to use with no fees for browsing singles which users are sure to appreciate.


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