Sponsored App Review: File Expert with Clouds, 05/16/16


File Expert with Clouds is one of best and most-used file explorer apps on Android, and it's recently been updated with a fresh new look, bringing Material Design to the table as well as a lot of other new features. These new features include multiple tabs, a pair of new themes, a simple slide-out menu, an App Lock as well as a Safebox for documents and files and a lot more. On top of all that, File Expert with Clouds still has all of the features that it always has including great cloud storage support, printing support, file conversion and a simple layout breaking up content suck as photos, movies and documents. So, let's see what's new with File Expert with Clouds, shall we?

Much like other file explorers and such, users will need to download File Expert with Clouds from the Play Store, and then open it up to get an introduction of what File Expert has to offer. The main interface is easy to navigate with File Expert, and a simple slide-out menu has links to many of the app's features.


2016-05-07 07.46.07

Right away we can see the new Material Design at work here, and File Expert with Clouds hasn't looked this good until now. Speaking of interface, there's a simple tab interface that we can see here. This allows users to have more than one directory open at a time and to just change swiping left and right.

2016-05-07 07.53.25


Sticking with the appearance side of things, File Expert with Clouds now allows people to change the overall look and feel of the app with two Material Design themes.

2016-05-07 07.48.25

The above is not only a good look at the different settings that File Expert has to offer, but also a great way of showing off how different the above dark setting is to the below light setting.


2016-05-07 07.48.46

Enough about the looks of File Expert, this is an app that takes things far beyond just being another file browser, and offers users features like the Safebox and App Lock, parts of the app that can lock away sensitive files and prevent certain apps or games from being used without the right pattern.

File Expert pattern


The Safebox is an interesting part of the app, as it blends in quite nicely, without sticking out like a sore thumb as some other apps might when hiding content. Using it is nice and simple as well, as all users need to do is choose a file and then choose "Move to Safebox" in order to lock it away.

2016-05-09 15.02.23

This makes things nice and easy, and complements other organization features such as the ability to use tags and labels. Tags make it simple to call up certain items using their specific tag.


File Expert tags

This is a feature of File Expert that makes it really easy to find specific files, which just open in a different tab as other folders do, simplifying the struggle of finding a specific file.

File Expert Work


File Expert with Cloud wouldn't be named as such if it didn't link up with the cloud quite so well, which is why the app embraces cloud storage (while also offering Pro users some cloud storage) as well as wireless printing, too.

File Expert file menu

From this same menu, users can also convert files as well as share them to cloud storage accounts and of course print them.


We've reviewed File Expert with Clouds a number of times before now, and with this latest update, it feels as if it's the fully-featured file explorer that Google should have made in the first place. With a fresh new Material Design theme, the app finally blends in with Android, whereas it would stick out a little in previous versions. It's altogether one of the better file explorers on Android, and considering it can handle any file type going, decompress files, convert formats, lock files away safely and be easy to use with a tabbed interface and a logical approach to handling files, File Expert lives up to its name. These new features have made the app much better, but with a monthly subscription fee as oppose to a one-off payment, some users might not want to pay constantly for a file browser like this. Of course, this depends on how much they need or rely on such an app.


  • Speed (4/5) – File Expert runs nice and quickly, the new interface is smooth and files load quickly without issue.
  • Theme (5/5) – The new Material Design themes on offer here make File Expert feel like a default Android app, one that's easy to use and doesn't add any head-scratching features to the equation. It all looks good and works well.
  • Features (5/5) – With more features than most other leading file browsers on Android, this is arguably more useful than most desktop browsers can be. The new features really help here, and now that File Expert is a Material Design app, it really looks the part as well.
  • Overall (5/5) – File Expert with Clouds is one of the best file browsers on Android and this update only goes to show that there's still a lot to love about independent apps like these. With all sorts of options available, File Expert with Clouds goes a long way to making sure that managing files and folders on your device is simple and secure.


  • Safebox makes it easy and straightforward to lock away certain content from prying eyes all within the same app.
  • Material Design gives File Expert a fresh new look and also offers a choice of a light or dark theme depending on their preferences.
  • Tab interface makes it simple to move files from one place to another, and doesn't make things too difficult to work with.
  • File conversion will allow users to take certain files to different apps or print them properly, which can also be done from within the app.


  • Subscription fee is something that might put off some users that just want to pay for the app once.
  • File Expert should ask for all permissions it needs upfront, otherwise some confusion could be a result.

File Expert with Clouds is a great app that has a lot going for it, especially for users that are looking for an app that can sort of do everything and anything. It allows for file conversion, a simple approach to printing files and it now has a cool new look complete with Material Design as well. With all the sorts of features that anyone could ask for from such an app, File Expert with Clouds is something most users should take a look at, and it could end up booting other apps off their phone because of how much it can do in just one app.

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