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FancyKey is a third party keyboard application that allows you to customize your typing experience with various keyboard themes, but beyond that, it also lets you switch up the fonts so that you can personalize things a little bit further. The app essentially lets you design your own keyboard to your liking, which can feel a little bit refreshing if you have felt that you've had less control over how your keyboard experience looks with other apps. You can also add keyboard backgrounds, emojis, and more for a truly one of a kind look that no other keyboard will have due to the sheer amount of combinations there are for customization.

Before you can get started with customizing your keyboard with FancyKey, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download the app to your device. FancyKey also offers an Indic keyboard version that's available here.


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Since FancyKey  is a third-party keyboard you'll need to enable it, then once enabled you'll need to select it as the preferred input option in place of whatever keyboard you may already be using. You'll be able to customize literally every single element of the keyboard with this app, and even if you're looking for something more basic you can scale down the customization here to something that isn't as loud.

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Once you've selected FancyKey as your current keyboard, you can go right to typing or you can dive into configuring your personal setup. You can do this directly from the keyboard if you like, but it's also possible to go int the actual app dashboard and set things up from there too, which might be easier than from the keyboard interface as you'll have the whole screen to work with.

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While there are quite a few things to customize and change up, you won't realize how much there really is for you to tweak until you dive right into things. It was easy to get lost in all of the possible combinations and choices you have. On the keyboard buttons alone, there are options to change the shape of the buttons, the color, the size, the stroke (for the swipe typing), the inner shadow, the outer shadow, and more.


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If you're someone who likes to hear the sound of the keys when typing, FancyKey offers the ability to change up this sound with over 50 different options, and just like with most of the other options here, there are quite a few sounds to choose from.

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Once you're done with selecting the button sound, you can even swap over to the button effect that pops up when your finger touches the keys, and there is a range of options here like a Minecraft pickaxe, which shows the animation of the blocks being mined as you tap keys. There is even a lightsaber option and a 1-Up mushroom, of course, there are others like hearts and flower petals as well.

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If you like using emojis, there are over 1,600 emojis within FancyKey, but beyond that, you can actually select emoji compositions and with just a single tap you can have the keyboard insert a neatly crafted collection of emojis without having to hunt down and peck at all of them.


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When it comes to the themes, these are put together for you as opposed to picking ad choosing every element on your own, and there are over 30 themes to choose from. Once you have more than one theme, you can save these themes online, or locally on your device if you don't have an internet connection so you always have access to them when you want to switch out. it is worth noting that all of the themes, along with the other customization options, have to be purchased with an in-app item called diamonds, of which you can either choose to buy, or you can earn them through watching ads, checking into places or by using various other methods.

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At first, it may seem like there are more options here than you know what to do with and, you may be right, but once you spend a little time with the options it's much easier to breeze through them and get to what you want. There are lots to go through, but that can be part of the fun and this is what makes it possible to have a completely unique keyboard because of all the possible combinations. It can also be a much quicker process if you simply select a theme, which basically puts all of the components together for you. Whether you choose to use a theme or build a customized look with all of the options at your disposal, there is no doubt that your keyboard will look unlike anyone else's.


  • Speed (4/5) – typing on the keyboard and flipping through the options as well as maneuvering through the app was mostly a quick experience with little to no lag.
  • Theme (5/5) – The design of the app was well presented here and it was fairly easy to navigate.
  • Features (5/5) – Loads and loads of features and options for keyboard customization.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Keyboard felt very functional and accurate and it offered up plenty of customization options.


  • Nice looking app UI
  • Tons of customization options
  • Tons of themes
  • Preconfigured emoji compositions
  • Ability to earn the Diamond currency for free to pay for themes and other items


  • Some users may feel there are just too many options available, but that feeling should quickly disappear once they spend a little bit of time with the app.

Hands down, if you wanted a keyboard that delivers more customization options than you could imagine, FancyKey is the keyboard you have been searching for. From themes to typing effects, there is plenty to keep you busy for a bit while you put together the most unique keyboard you've likely ever seen. FancyKey is also free which makes it even better, and although you do have to pay for a lot of the custom options with the app's "diamond" currency, you can earn diamonds by watching video ads, or by way of a number of other methods so you won't end up actually having to buy them.

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