Sony Compares Xperia X Video With & Without SteadyShot

Sony's new Xperia X phones were announced back during Mobile World Congress in February, and the company is doing what every manufacturer does and is highlighting some of the notable features that make the device compelling, and in the case of the Xperia X, one of the more compelling features is the video stabilization they refer to as SteadyShot. While plenty of phones have optical image stabilization for pictures, video stabilization is something that is fresh when it comes to smartphones, and judging by the video Sony has published on their YouTube channel, it makes quite a bit of difference as the recording comes out much cleaner with SteadyShot enabled than without it.

The Sony Xperia X uses SteadyShot for both pictures and videos that come out of its 23MP rear-facing camera, which works more like digital image stabilization than optical, as the Xperia X phones do not come with OIS. Although some users may feel this isn't going to produce as clear of a shot, the video below makes a pretty good case that it will do just fine and may be up to code for anyone who uses the camera a lot.

Sony shows off the power of SteadyShot by starting a recording while the person behind the camera is riding a bike with SteadyShot disabled, and then they begin another recording with the SteadyShot feature on. You can see both sets of results on their own as the video continues, and towards the end, Sony displays a side by side comparison so you can see the difference a little bit better. Interestingly enough, there is almost no shake in the video with SteadyShot on, although it is worth noting that there is some visible shake that appears, however, it is severely minimized compared to without it. SteadyShot will be available on the Xperia X, as well as the Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA, both of which Sony unveiled at Mobile World Congress alongside the Xperia X. Sony's more recently announced device, the Xperia XA Ultra, will also have SteadyShot available, although Sony is placing more of a focus on the front-facing camera which is 16MP, and is being touted as the perfect camera for selfies.

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