Solve Puzzles, Find Treasure In UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter

PlayStation gamers the world over are likely salivating over the next big release to sink their teeth into - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. While the U.S. release of the game doesn't happen until May 10th, Sony and PlayStation Mobile Inc. are giving gamers something to pass the time over the next five days with UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter. Not terribly different but also not incredibly similar to Lara Croft: GO from Square Enix, this new game featuring Nathan Drake has you solving puzzles with the ultimate goal of getting your hands on some sweet, sweet treasure, and if you play your cards right in each level that's exactly what will happen.

One misstep, though, and you may find yourself falling off a platform into the dark depths of whatever pit you're standing above in the beginning of the level. The game starts off rather simple to play, and movement is handled with simple swipe gestures. The first few levels seem to guide you through how to play like a short and an informative as needed tutorial, telling you that you must swipe your finger from the starting point to the end point in one single motion to complete the move. You'll also be able to tap on certain blocks or other stepping stones to engage part of the puzzle and open up a new block to stand on, etc.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter has over 200 levels filled with puzzles and traps for you to complete, so unless you go ham on the game until you beat it you're likely to have hours of fun navigating Drake around each level. Puzzles start out simple enough but are likely to get increasingly more challenging, so if you value games that aren't too easy but also not mind-numbingly hard, this should fit the bill for a nice game during downtime moments or for larger chunks of free time. In addition to solving the puzzles of each level, there is also hidden treasure to find and collect, with a total of 50+ treasures hidden throughout the game. Of course, the game features unlockables as well, like different costumes for Drake and more, and unsurprisingly it's got some tie-in to Uncharted 4 if you connect your PlayStation Network account, allowing you to unlock in-game rewards for the game on PS4 when it launches. UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is a free-to-play title and there are in-app purchases, but I haven't once been bothered by them yet. You can grab the game from the Play Store if you're ready to go treasure hunting.

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