Snapseed Gains "Apply Last Edits" In Latest Update

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Google’s photo editing app, Snapseed, is getting an update to version 2.5 today, which brings a number of new features to the table. Exclusively on Android, users will have the ability to see more details from a photo’s metadata, including a map showing where the photo was taken, if the information is available. Users on all ecosystems will now be able to horizontally flip photos, useful for fixing troublesome unflipped selfies and mirror pictures. The headlining feature of the newest update, available on all platforms, is “Apply Last Edits”, the ability to fine-tune a filter you like on one photo, then apply it to any other with just a couple of clicks.

This feature can be extremely useful for batch-editing images. Let’s say you head to the park with family and take a few delightful photos, but it’s a bit of a dreary day, so the pictures come out with a cold hue. After a few minutes of tweaking on one photo’s filters, you’ve managed to overcome the drab lighting of the not-so-beautiful day and get everything looking warm, inviting and generally perfect. Rather than having to go back through the filter tweaking process for each picture in the set, you can simply use “Apply Last Edits”. To reach it, start by saving the first picture, which saves the filter. From there, open the next photo you want to apply it to and click on the overflow menu dots in the top right of the app. In the menu that pops up, click on “Apply Last Edits” and the tweaks you lovingly crafted for the last picture will automatically be applied to the one you’re looking at. This can be done with multiple images, albeit one at a time.


The update is currently live on the Play Store for all users, new and existing. As with any app update, of course, if it’s not showing up for you, try a reboot, or simply uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Checking out the desktop version of the Play Store may also work. Give the update a download and get entire photo sets looking great in seconds.

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