Samsung's Trademarks Point to Galaxy Note 6 with Iris Scanner

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Rumors about the sixth-generation Galaxy Note phablet are trickling in nicely over the past few weeks. The closer we get to the actual event, expect the trickle to turn into a proverbial torrent, and if past device launches from Samsung and other OEMs are anything to go by, most of the important hardware specs should be public knowledge by the time the device is formally announced by the South Korean multinational. Now, even though the Galaxy Note 6 is quite a long way away from being announced officially, a few of the reports regarding the device already seems to hint at a couple new hardware components that might make the it a revolutionary product, if and when Samsung actually manages to incorporate them in the upcoming phablet.

While one of those aforementioned new features happen to be a 10-nanometer 6 GB LPDDR4 DRAM chip, the other one happens to be a biometric sensor that has never before been seen on a mainstream smartphone – an iris scanner. Samsung recently unveiled a 6 GB DRAM chip at the 2016 Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in Shenzhen, China, and the company has now also reportedly filed for the registration of at least two trademarks in the European Union that has given rise to online speculations about the inclusion of the feature on its next-gen phablet. Now whether either of the two components actually manage to get in to the Galaxy Note 6 remains to be seen, but at this stage, not too many would probably bet against it.


Either way, not a whole lot is known at the moment about Samsung’s patent filing in the EU, barring the fact that the company recently filed to register the “Samsung Iris” and “Samsung Eyeprint” trademarks in the continent. With the Galaxy Note 6 rumored to debut in August this year, there’s no telling if Samsung will be able to get both the iris scanner and the 6 GB RAM chip ready for primetime within the small timeframe. However, if Samsung can address all teething issues in time, the Note 6 promises to once again be a giant leap in an industry that has often been accused of lacking in innovation.

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