Samsung SM-G880 Spotted On Zauba, Could Be Galaxy S7 Sport


Samsung is a company that is known for bringing to market a number of smartphones each year. However, its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges are considered to be the flagship lines for the company. That said, even the Galaxy S and Note ranges are no longer resigned to just one or even two models with a number of variants coming through. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S7 launched this year along with an additional variant, the Galaxy S7 Edge. Not to mention, recent talk has has surrounded the possibility that Samsung might be gearing up to release a Galaxy S7 Active as well. Now, we have some indications that as well as the Edge and Active, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Sport might be on the cards as well.

These latest suggestions come from a Zauba listing which popped up late last week. While the phone listed could be just about anything, what is raising the Sport suggestions is the model number which is listed as 'SM-G880'. This is specifically important as the Galaxy S5 Sport came with the model number SM-G860. Therefore, leading to the assumption that this is the next in line Galaxy S Sport device. To further make the point, the already noted S7 Active is thought to be coming with the model number SM-G891 and therefore, this latest handset is unlikely to be that or either of the already released Galaxy S7 handsets, as both of their model numbers are known to be the SM-G930 and G935. Although, the Galaxy S5 Active, did come with the SM-G870 model number and therefore, it is possible this could be a different S7 Active variant as well.


Of course, what the Zauba listing does not provide is any further details on what could or should be expected from a Sport variation of the Galaxy S7. The only details listed beside the model number is the value per unit which is listed as INR 31,876, which roughly converts to about $477. While this is cheaper than the current value of the Galaxy S7, if this model does come to the U.S. there are no indications that it will be priced anywhere near the converted $477. As such, until any further confirmation does come through on a Sport (or any other Galaxy S7 possible variant), the only aspect worth noting is the new model number which has now surfaced.

Zauba SM-G880

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