Samsung Game Tools And Game Launcher Updated


Owners of recent Samsung flagships who are gamers will likely be familiar with Game Launcher and Game Tools, two apps that launched alongside the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. While Game Launcher gives you a customizable frontend for all of your games on your device, Game Tools lets you customize how the games run, optimizing things like resolution and quality to put you in charge of how well games run and how much precious battery power they are allowed to use up on your device. Both apps got an update on Monday, bringing them up to versionĀ 0.0.26 and netting users few cool new features for both.

Most of the update is focused on Game Tools, bringing new features and tweaks to the actual gameplay. Both tools now have a help section, but that's about the long and short of the update for Game Launcher. Game Tools, on the other hand, got a glut of tweaks and new features that make the tool much more useful and user-friendly. For starters, Game Tools' floating key that is used to access the tool while in-game can be hidden at any time, no matter what is going on. This actually ties into the other new feature; users can now record longer gameplay videos. While there is no live streaming feature just yet, the next best thing can now let users record videos up to 4GB in size, rather than enforcing the old 40 minute time limit. Last but not least, the tweak that keeps device alerts and notifications from interrupting your game time has been tweaked for wider coverage and to be a bit tougher, keeping your valuable game time exactly that – game time.


The update should be live for all owners of compatible phones in the Galaxy Apps store. Both apps are separate, but share a change log, since the changes to Game Tools were minuscule this time around. As with any other app update, if you can't see it, you can try clearing the task for the Galaxy Apps store from your recents menu, deleting the data for or uninstalling both apps and then reinstalling, or simply rebooting your device.

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