Review: Incipio's DualPro Case for the LG G5

For many people, the first thing you buy after buying a new smartphone is a case. Let's face it, you just spent a ton of cash on that new phone, and the last thing you want to do is mess around and drop it. So slap a case on it and call it a day. There are loads of cases available for most of the more popular smartphones out there. Incipio is one of the more popular manufacturers for making high-quality cases, and we have their DualPro case here for the LG G5. The DualPro is one of their more popular lines of cases that they create for just about every smartphone that they support. It's a pretty thick case, which means it's going to offer some pretty great protection for your LG G5.

The Incipio DualPro case comes in a few colors. Including Champagne Gold, Turquoise, Pink, Black and Iridescent Red. Incipio sent us the Champagne Gold color here, which actually fits in quite nicely with the silver version of the LG G5 that we have here. As usual, the DualPro is a two-layer case. The inner layer is made of a more soft material. The reasoning for this is to keep the device from getting scratched up while inside the case. Then there's the outer layer which is a hard case, it's actually made of Polycarbonate. The reason for the outer case being made of polycarbonate is so that when the phone gets dropped, the case will take all of the impact. Incipio actually touts this case as being able to absorb shock, which it does quite well.

When talking about protecting your LG G5, the DualPro case does also have a lip over the display. This keeps the display from getting damaged when it gets dropped. As the case will hit the ground instead of the display on the LG G5. This is a good thing, because it's much cheaper to replace this case, then to replace the display on the LG G5. Not to mention the fact that, you will still be able to use the display. If you drop the smartphone on the ground and there's no case, the screen will more than likely shatter. Leaving you with a basically useless LG G5.

Incipio has left a few cut outs on the DualPro, so that you are still able to use the LG G5 to its full capacity without removing the case. On the back, we have two cut outs. One is for the camera module - which houses the two cameras, flash, and laser auto-focus - this means that you'll be able to take pictures without any interference from the case. While we're on the subject of the cameras, the wide-angle camera on the back isn't affected by the case. Taking a picture with the case on and off gave us the same results. So it's good to see that it won't appear in the picture (usually the corners) when using that wide-angle lens. There's also a cut out for the fingerprint sensor/power button here on the back. The hole is slightly bigger than the button, but it's also chamfered a bit. It's a rather subtle design choice, but it does make a really big difference in the long run. It means you'll still be able to use the fingerprint sensor without much issue, even for those that may have larger fingers.

There are also cut outs on the bottom for the USB Type-C port, again the hole is slightly larger than the port, and we haven't had any issues in plugging in the LG G5 to charge, with this case on. Something you don't see too often, but some cases make it tough to charge your phone with it on. The bottom also has the speaker and microphone hole cut out. So those can still be used like normal. The top has three cut outs. For the IR Blaster, microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack. Similar to the USB Type-C port, the hole for the headphone jack is also a bit wider. Most headphones will fit, but some of the more high-end ones may have issues.

Mostly everything is accessible here without removing the case. That is, except for the "magic slot" as it was once known as. If you need to swap out the battery, then you will need to pop off the case and then pop out the bottom portion of the phone. It is a bit of a hassle, but then again how often are you going to be popping out the battery? I can honestly say that during the time I've had this phone (which I pre-ordered it), I have only once popped out the battery. So you shouldn't be doing it that often. Although Incipio does have a case that allows you to pop the bottom portion of the case off with the bottom part of the LG G5.

In the hand, the Incipio DualPro feels really nice. Without the case, the LG G5 does feel a bit slippery, so it's nice that the DualPro adds a good bit of texture to the phone and makes it less likely to fall out of your hand. It is a bit bulky, as we mentioned, but with the amount of protection you get with this case, it's worth trading in some of the thinness for protection. The champagne gold color also looks rather nice on the LG G5, of course the Iridescent Red will also look quite nice on this device too. It's a case that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are one that is known for dropping your smartphone often. Even if it is on accident.

Incipio sells the DualPro and the rest of their LG G5 cases (which we'll be taking a look at in the next few weeks) over on their website. The DualPro is $29.99 on However if you'd like to get it even cheaper, Amazon has them for around $20 - and for some reason, the black/charcoal color is on sale for just $13. We have links below for you if you want to check them out. As always, we loved the time we spent with the DualPro case from Incipio, and would recommend it to any and everyone out there looking for a case for the LG G5.

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