Photo Spheres In Street View Now Auto-Group Together

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When Google launched the standalone Street View application, it gave users a dedicated place to store all of their photo spheres alongside the collections of photo spheres from other users. While accessing these collections in the app has never been particularly difficult in any way, Google has recently updated Street View to better organize photo spheres together that should be grouped up. Street View has now been updated to version 2.12 and should be live in the Play Store for those who already have the app installed as well as those who would be installing it for the first time.

Following this update, Street View will now automatically group collections of photo spheres together. They can still be found under the collections tab, but instead of appearing as a grid of multiple thumbnails of photo spheres that are in that collection, they now appear as a group with one main photo set as the cover image for that group. Now, whether you're exploring Mont Blanc photospheres or using Street View to take a stroll through the national trails of England, you'll be staring at a nice large cover image as you swipe through the list of collections that are shown. You will, of course, still have to tap on a particular group of images to actually view the photo sphere.


Alongside the new automatic grouping, photo sphere collections now list the name of that collection with the text directly on the cover image. Names are no longer listed on a separate white header below the image like before, allowing Google to utilize as much space as possible and make more room for the large cover image. Groups also still list how many photo spheres are in a collection so you know how many there are before tapping on them, and it's now possible to create connections between different photo spheres. If you need to select multiple photo spheres for any reason, Street View now lets you do that by simply long tapping on one to start and then tapping to select the rest just as you would if you were selecting multiple images from your stock gallery application. In addition to these app changes, those who are still using devices that run on Android KitKat are now supported, and the app can now be used in landscape mode too.

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