Periscope Beta Feature Can Save Videos In-App Forever


Twitter-owned livestreaming and broadcasting app Periscope is wonderful for livestreaming events and engaging with followers, friends and fans in real time, but if somebody happens to miss your stream, they only have 24 hours to have a gander before Periscope deletes the video from their servers for good. Whether it's one of T-Mobile CEO John Legere's famous rants, a difficult video game getting dominated by a pro player or an epic video of a friend climbing Mt. Everest, sometimes it can be a real bummer to miss out on a Periscope stream. With a new saving feature that's currently in beta testing, however, such woes may become but a vestige of a bygone mobile internet era.

Periscope is currently beta-testing a new feature that would allow streamers to save their videos for friends, fans and loved ones to view whenever they want. Even though compulsive wide use could result in Periscope's servers becoming choked completely full with old streams, the procedure to use the feature isn't exactly complicated. All somebody has to do to save their video forever and secure outside access on Periscope for the long haul is to simply put #save in the title of the video stream somewhere. This should keep the video on your list and accessible to anybody with the link for the stream for as long as Periscope is around.


There is a caveat, of course; since the feature is still in beta, some videos may end up saved and some may not. The old way of saving streams for good, by saving them to your device and then uploading them elsewhere for people to download, watch and comment on, is still the safest bet and best practice for important videos. In the thread of reply Tweets to the source link, users are generally reporting the feature to be a mixed bag; for some, it's working perfectly, while others' videos aren't saving at all. All the same, if you'd like to give the new feature a try, be sure to back the video up somewhere safe for now, and just put #save in your stream title.

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