'Pearl' Is Google's Latest Spotlight Story On YouTube

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Google I/O has unearthed a huge cache of cool new technology and services to look forward to over the coming months and throughout the year, but not everything is set for a launch far in the future. Android N, for example, just entered its third developer preview and Google launched the new software on the first day of the conference, which was Wednesday. Google also launched their latest Spotlight Story, Pearl, and it’s now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure, through any method you like, whether that’s on a PC, on your smartphone, your tablet, or through a VR viewer, which is likely the best way to experience it.

The digital short film follows the lives a young girl and her father as they travel across the country chasing their dreams, and most of the experience is viewed from the passenger side of their car, almost as if you’re part of the film yourself. Of course, that’s exactly how these Spotlight Stories are supposed to be viewed. They’re meant to feel like you’re part of the action, or the memories, or the fear, depending on which short film in the series of them that you’re watching.


As stated above, the film is likely best experienced through the use of something like Cardboard as the film should feel more immersive that way, but if you choose to simply watch on YouTube you can point the phone in different directions to see the different angles of stuff, and if you’re watching on the YouTube webpage from a desktop you can do the same thing by clicking on the video and dragging your mouse around. Spotlight Stories are part of Google’s ATAP division, which is also responsible for things like Project Soli, as well as Project Jacquard which is an initiative to merge together technology and clothing, and will see its first product available in the Spring of 2017 as the Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard jacket that was announced earlier this morning. Spotlight Stories are free to watch and there’s no need to have a subscription to YouTube Red, although, with it you would get to watch the short without any ads