NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV To Gain HDR Netflix/GameStream & VUDU


When it comes to Android TV at this year’s Google I/O, there has already been a number of announcements coming through. Ones which look to confirm a greater availability of apps for the platform including the likes of Spotify. As well as drawing on some of the improvements which will be made to the platform as a whole with the introduction of Android N as a final release and its Android version-specific features. As well as those announcements, NVIDIA has also been making a number of announcements today and have confirmed a number of new incoming games including the likes of Resident Evil 5 (which arrives tomorrow) as a SHIELD-exclusive. However,  on the back of the Android TV announcements that came through earlier today, NVIDIA has also looked to confirm a number of the Google-announced changes that will be heading out to NVIDIA SHIELD as part of a future update.

In fact, NVIDIA has confirmed that their Software Upgrade version 3.2 will bring with it a number of today’s announced features and most notably, the update will look to improve on the quality of content that is on offer with a clear emphasis on making use of High Dynamic Range (HDR). This will come in the form of the 3.2 update bringing with it support for Netflix HDR for improved movie and TV content and also support for GameStream in HDR, for a greater gaming experience on the NVIDIA SHIELD. This is in addition to the already in place support for YouTube 4K as well as the confirmation that VUDU is en route as well and will further add to the 4K content available. Combined efforts which when taken together are designed to make the SHIELD one of the best streaming devices available.


Of course, these are just a few of the details on what will be supported during the upgrade to 3.2, when it does eventually arrives. This update will likely also be laying the groundwork for much of the other aspects which were touched upon during Google I/O, including the improved ability to make use of multiple accounts, record in DVR-like fashion and make use of picture-in-picture. All aspects which will greatly improve the overall Android TV experience going forward.