MediaTek Introduces Pump Express 3.0 Fast Charging Tech


Smartphones have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years, and even though they get significantly more powerful year-after-year, they're still lacking in one particular area, battery life. Many people would agree that battery life is the weak spot when today's smartphones are concerned, pretty much every other aspect has improved in the last couple of years, but not battery life. That might actually be a reason why we're seeing so many different fast charging solutions out in the market. Qualcomm's 'Quick Charge' fast charging might be the best-known solution, but many other companies offer their very own solutions, like Oppo and MediaTek, for example. Oppo has actually rolled out a new version of their VOOC Rapid Charge tech, and it's incredibly fast. That being said, it's MediaTek's time, the company has just unveiled Pump Express 3.0, a new and improved version of the company's fast charging tech, read on.

The company says that Pump Express 3.0 is capable of charging a smartphone battery from zero to 70% in 20 minutes, though they did not mention how big of a battery are they referring to. In addition to this, the company has also mentioned that you can get up to an hour of talk time if you charge your smartphone for five minutes using Pump Express 3.0. "The engineering challenge in the smartphone world today is satisfying consumer demand for powerful, rich multimedia features without needing to plug in their phones all day long. Our technology lets consumers power up quickly to stay connected, on the go and using their favorite applications whether for work or play instead of tethered to an outlet," said Jeffrey Ju, Executive Vice President and co-Chief Operating Officer at MediaTek.


Pump Express is actually the world's first solution which enables direct charge through Type-C USB power delivery, says MediaTek. The company says that direct charging bypasses charging circuitry inside the phone, which prevents the device from overheating and directs electrical current directly to the phone's battery. MediaTek assures us that the company's new charging solution is 'ultra safe'. The company actually uses their own SoC tech in combination with technology provided from Richtek (also owned by MediaTek) in order to control heat while charging. Now, when comparing Pump Express 2.0 with the new Pump Express 3.0, you'll be glad to know that the latter offer higher charging speeds, efficiency and lower phone temperatures when charging. The company actually managed to cut down power dissipation by more than 50% compared to Pump Express 2.0. This technology will be available in the Helio P20 series of SoCs, which means we'll start seeing it by the end of this year, says MediaTek.

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