This Map App for Game of Thrones Unlocks Secrets of Westoros


In case you haven't noticed Рor just don't like good TV РGame of Thrones has returned to TVs, magical picture boxes and futuristic telephones the world over. Which means that, inevitably, many of your friends and family just can't stop talking about it and bugging you about whether or not you've seen the latest episode of "GoT" and what you thought about it. The hype surrounding one of HBO's most successful Рif not the most successful Рshows is undeniably a big draw, but the world of Westeros is also a big draw for fantasy fans. George R. R. Martin and writers of the show, have undeniably created one of the most varied and in-depth fantasy settings to hit our TV screens, and now this handy Android app wants us to get closer to the world of Westeros.

Map for Game of Thrones, as the app is called, is an interactive map of Westeros that will feel to many just like a Google Maps app, with the ability to zoom, pan and even get detailed information about events and where they took place. At one time it was thought that companion apps for video games would be the next best thing in mobile, but that didn't really take off, and the idea has been abandoned by many big franchises. This is an app that will help fill that missing hole left by HBO for a lot of fans, and those that need a recap can get just that using the "Recap Mode" found within the app. This works well to see who moved where, why they went there and so on. It's also a great way of refreshing your memory if – heaven forbid – you've missed a few episodes and need a quick catch up before you gorge yourself catching up.

The app is a free download Рachieved by clicking the button below Рand while the free version does include ads, there is a paid version available that completely does away with them. It's regularly updated with new content concerning recaps and such, and it covers Рwith a few gaps here and there Рthe majority of the previous five seasons as well. So, if you were wondering what all of this Game of Thrones hubbub was about, this app can help you catch up while watching everything take place, making you a Game of Thrones superfan in no time.


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