LG Needs Mobile Division to be "Faster and Lighter"


Smartphone companies come from all over the World, and while all of these can trace inspiration from their the American Inventor of the original cell phone, it's clear some regions of the World have the upper-hand over others. South Korea is certainly one of them, not only do their 4G networks put many around the World to shame, but they have two heavyweights of the Industry, LG and Samsung. While Samsung has been dominate in the Android world for a long time, LG has been trying their best to climb the same ladder that Samsung sits atop. With strong releases like the LG G3 and G4, the other South Korean smartphone brand has certainly come a long way, and are thought of as one of the bigger firms around the world. Even so, their Q1 2016 results, released recently, left a lot to be desired.

Now, LG Electronics CEO, Cho Juno, has revealed that he wants the company to work faster and be an overall 'lighter' division. Speaking to his employees in an internal email, Juno is cited as saying that "We need to change the way we work to move faster and lighter, other business divisions also need people from MC (mobile communications). We will continue to reshuffle personnel." This might not mean that LG is looking to move around lots of different personnel however, as an LG spokesperson has said that these comments reflect part of the company's annual changes, rather than a new initiative. Even so, it's clear that LG has some work to do, the LG G5 hasn't been as well received as their rival's Galaxy S7 line, despite offering something entirely new from the previous year.


The G5 has only been on shelves for a short time however, and has arguably not had enough time to make an impact on their Q1 2016 results, which is why the company's Q2 2016 results will be a telling sign of whether or not the G5 can make the impact that LG needs and wants it to. For now though, it's unclear how a "faster and lighter" LG will improve things for the company. Perhaps this is their way of saying that they need to release devices quicker, as the G5 was announced the same weekend as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge but took a lot longer to hit shelves.

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