Jump Your Way Through Adventure In Mars Mountain

If you're a fan of arcade games then you may want to check out this recent offering from Flail Rider creator Bulkypix. Mars Mountain is an arcade style game that tasks you with controlling a stranded astronaut who has crash-landed on mars and must now scavenge the terrain for parts to repair the ship. You'll need to jump your way down the mountain in order to find what you need, but along the way, you'll also run into various challenges that seek to stop you dead in your tracks. It's your job, obviously, to make sure that doesn't happen, because you don't want to be stranded on Mars forever.

Controls are fairly simple as you need only tap the screen to jump up the mountain and reach the different blocks, and with simple controls the game becomes easy for just about to anyone to play and get used to, giving it a rather casual feel that makes it perfect for those in-between times or anytime you have a few spare moments. While Mars holds the parts you need for repairs and ultimately they key to your survival, it also holds dangerous traps and aliens you'll want to avoid including blocks covered in spikes and monsters that shoot fireballs at you.

The gameplay is essentially seeing how far up the mountain you can go before it's game over, and you can pick up items like canisters to help boost your score. There are also stars you can grab, and once you've collected enough stars you'll be able to unlock new playable characters including a pirate, a shark, and even a ninja. The graphics are pixelated for that retro feel which should entice anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned nostalgic set of visuals. While Mars Mountain is a single player game only, there are leaderboards, and there are some social aspects tied in as you can share your high-scores and a link to the game's Facebook page so you can like it. Mars Mountain is free, and it does contain in-app purchases, however, these are completely optional and aren't in your face.

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