John Williams Radio Comes To Play Music For May The Fourth


It's Star Wars Day, also known as May the Fourth Be With You, so you'd be hard pressed to find somebody surprised to hear Star Wars' epic scores being blasted from boom boxes and cars or hummed quietly on the sidewalk today. For most fans, it's a pleasant surprise to see how many people in your neighborhood have the themes memorized; one may even be tempted to sing or hum along to the catchy and highly memorable compositions. If you'd rather hear the real thing, however, Google has you covered. John Williams, the composer behind the iconic score, as well as a good chunk of the music for Back to the Future, Harry Potter and a number of other works has his own radio station on Google Play Music as of today.

The Google Play Music radio station for John Williams includes the full gamut of his own epic works, of course, but also a great many artists of his ilk and even his inspirations. Classical artists like the well-known Tchaikovsky make the cut and are joined by high-powered names such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Hans Zimmer of Disney's The Lion King fame. Similarly epic soundtracks, regardless of their composer, are also on the radio station; one can find music from tons of different superhero movies, the entire soundtrack to the Star Wars series, music from classics like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and even The Lord of the Rings, which includes the excellent and widely known remix of the driving and emotional Lux Aeterna from the 2000 movie Requiem For A Dream.


The radio station and the sub-stations for all of its bits and pieces can be added to your personal Google Play Music library, implying that the radio station will be around for good, since no date for it to go dark was listed. A fitting tribute to the varied works of John Williams, this promo is set to spread his style and influence, along with the building blocks thereof, as far as Google Play Music can reach. If you're in the mood to check out some of the most epic, iconic and inspired music to grace the silver screen and beyond, head on through the source link.

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